“Rick & Morty” Szechuan sauce recipe

From a YouTube post that I came across:

“The recipe is half sweet&sour, half honey bbq (McDonald’s no longer sells that bbq so buying it at the super market is a good go to) and 2 teaspoons of soy sauce. That’s how you make the Schezuan sauce.”

There you go.

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China: Diversity. Japan: No Diversity. Guess which country has a brighter future.

America needs to look at this and finally understand that its shit immigration policy (which is NO immigration policy, or enforcement thereof) means for America’s future. Or lack thereof.



Why Japan REFUSES immigration and multiculturalism. AND IS THRIVING.






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Goethe Institut – German Proficiency Exams – “Declaration of Consent” MUST be signed



If you’re thinking about taking a German proficiency exam, and have a passing score recognized by the German government, company, or university, you MUST sign the “Declaration of Consent” form. You will NOT be allowed to even sit for the exam if you do not.

The Goethe-Institu e.V. is a part of the German government. Your data is never allowed to enter the “free market.”

What concerned me is that the “Declaration of Consent” has two parts to it. On the one hand, they want to be allowed to use your data, which must include exam scores, for “market research, advertising, and any marketing associated with the range of services offered by the Exam Center and the Goethe Institute…” The next paragraph basically says that they will store and archive your test data for 10 years.

It’s a bit confusing, and I guess I overreacted when I read the form. But you won’t be allowed to sit for an exam unless you sign.

On another note, you are permitted to revoke your consent at any time.


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NO! NO! NO! Not another shit KENNEDY on the national political scene!!!


Someone tell the shit Kennedys to get real jobs, instead of being a trangenerational family of DRUNKEN LEECHES! The Kennedy “clan” is one of the worst things to have happened to America!

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Stupid delusional Democrats/Dummycraps STILL haven’t figured it out: NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE!

Stupid delusional Democrats/Dummycraps STILL haven’t figured it out: NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE!


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Mentally ill Rosie O’Donnell shows how vicious and untrustworthy Dummycraps are.


When a Dummycrap is in office, it’s “Get over it, Repukes, you’re side LOST!” All I’ve seen is that PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP has accomplished a thousand times MORE in less than ONE YEAR than Obama in EIGHT.

It’s okay to cry, Dummycraps!

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Best free DVD rippers: ALL LIES

Up until today, I had been using Freemake to rip movies off of DVDs. The free version would put a banner at the beginning and end of the movie, which was no big deal. Well, today, I found out that the program had been updated so that you got both the banners AND a watermark right through the middle of the screen throughout the entire movie.

I loved Freemake, because it was (1) free, (2) extremely easy to use, and (3) had multiple formats that you could convert the DVD to. I preferred mp4.

Well, I looked all over the Web this morning, and EVERYTHING that has been claimed to be FREE is actually only bullshit.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum (you can’t download the simpler version) only gives you the first 5 MINUTES in the free version.

Freemake Video Converter is a fucking lie, and prior versions either connect back to their home server to get the upgrade or you can’t completely uninstall ver

Handbrake doesn’t install on my Windows 8.1 laptop. Makes no sense.

MakeMKV is freakishly fast (just a few minutes per half-hour length of movie), but it has output limitations. A 97-minute movie that I wanted to rip was set to copy as over 6 Gigs, and Windows has a 4-Gig limit for file creation/transfer.

AnyVideoConverter only lets you rip if you buy the Platinum upgrade. Oh, and by the way, it installs malware shit “Yahoo! Powered”, which is more of this malware that you can NOT uninstall. I had to download a trial version of “UnHackMe” from CNET.com to purge it from my system.

4Videosoft DVD Ripper only gives you the first 5 minutes.

AnyMP4 DVD Ripper only gives you the first 5 minutes.

PavTube DVD Ripper has a watermark right in the middle of the video.

Everything else only gives you an .ISO file so that you could burn directly to a blank DVD, which defeats the whole purpose of a DVD ripper.

I found WonderFox Free DVD ripper from http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/dvd-ripper-lite/, but it only gives you an MPEG file. I just ran a short video that I ripped, the audio and video are OUT OF SYNC!!!

Can anyone recommend a decent free DVD ripper?



(1) Using VLC media player did NOT work for me.


(2) THIS appears to be COMPLETELY FREE, but it only worked fine for the add-on documentary, NOT the main movie. Your choices are limited, mainly to .avi (DiVX) and .mkv. However, you get to see all the distinct tracks, so you can select the main movie or the documentary that comes with it. One weird point: If you try to rip a second track to the same folder, it claims that everything already in the destination folder will be overwritten! AND IT’S TRUE! WTF???  ALSO, FAILED DUE TO COPY PROTECTION.



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