NEIU “stoopents” (a.k.a. “Magicians with special knowledge”) protest against Sean Spicer speaking engagement 9/12/2019.

Students protest Sean Spicer campus talk: ‘makes me really scared’

Boo hoo hoo hoo! White people are the devil! They are going to bring back slavery and genocide LGBT? peoples! Oh noes! We have “special knowledge,” which makes debate on the issues facing our nation pointless! WE ARE MAGICIANS WITH SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE!


Campus Safety for Tonight

NEIU Targeted Announcement

Dear Students and University Community,

We have received notice that members of the University community will exercise their right to demonstrate against the Daniel L. Goodwin Lecture this evening.

Northeastern has a long history of student activism that has resulted in our vibrant University community of today. Northeastern will continue to embrace and support members of the community who choose to demonstrate as long as it does not interfere with the scheduled event. To that end, we have designated the following four demonstration locations:  (1) Village Square, (2) outside courtyard between Lech Walesa Hall (LWH) and Building E, (3) outside the Salme Hardu Steinberg Fine Arts Center (FA) North Entrance, and (4) sidewalk of Bryn Mawr Avenue. Designated signage will be placed at each location.

We ask for your cooperation and adherence to the policy so that everyone accomplishes their objectives for the evening and remains safe.

I assure you that Northeastern continues to be a safe space for all members of our community and encourage you to utilize the services of the University including those of my office (C-336), Student Counseling Center (B-119), Undocumented Student Resources (C-338), and Angelina Pedroso Center for Diversity and Intercultural Affairs (B-159).

Posted on behalf of Daniel López, Jr., Vice President for Student Affairs, by Mike Dizon, Chief of Staff




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Suggestions for alternate movie series to stream, e.g., on NetFlix, etc.

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“Caring” democRATS sometimes let their true “feelings” (a.k.a. alleged humanity) show:

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More proof that climate change fraud is being spread by the leftist media:

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democRATS now trying to destroy the United States Supreme Court.

HOW ARROGANT! The democRATS want the US Supreme Court to “heal itself”??? They mean to CONFORM to their leftist ideology.

Didn’t democRATS preside over the appointment and confirmation of the current group of US Supreme Court justices? And now, since the makeup of the court could very well shift to being more conservative under Trump, they want to increase the number of justices from 9 to 15. So very very PATHETIC.

Check out the comments in the section below this article. The democRATS have handed the next presidential election to Trump.

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TRUMP’s China tariffs causing China meltdown – traitorous democRATS INCONSOLABLE!!!!

Also, America’s stock market and economy are DOING JUST FINE, fuck you very much for worrying about AMERICA!!!

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My two chapters in “Twilight Zone and Philosophy” noted in a blog.

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