Scumbag recruiting agency Softpath System LLC can go eat out its own ass! Good luck,

Jesus Fucking Christ. I come home from a long day’s work, and, in my personal email, I find THIS shit:


This is (N.Nithesh) from Softpath System LLC. Softpath is a preferred nationwide staffing vendor to Fortune 500 companies in the US. We have an immediate opportunity with one of our clients. Please find the job description below and if you are interested, please forward your resume to (

Job Details:

Title:   Financial Analyst
Location:  Houston-TX
Targeted Duration:   Full Time

Required GPA: 3.5+
Job Description:

Job Role Responsibilities 
Candidates must have the ability to learn accounting systems such as SAP and the capability to manage multiple monthly priorities and deadlines. 
Key responsibilities include the following:
•Analysis of relationships between complex operations, related contracts and financial transactions 
•Communicating and implementing changes in accounting standards 
•Utilizing and updating computing systems to accurately record financial transactions
•Designing and evaluating controls 
•Improving financial and accounting processes
•Providing financial support to operating and financial organizations     
Through these activities you will participate in business decisions, improve our processes, and work closely with both financial and business line operating management. Many of our initial positions are located at manufacturing sites or headquarters facilities. You can expect to rotate through two to three assignments in the first four to five years allowing for a variety of experiences to build skills and knowledge.     
Demonstrated performance will lead to increasing responsibility and opportunities across the financial organizations (business analysis, financial reporting, accounting, and financial controls) and through various business lines (Upstream, Downstream, Chemicals) via job rotation. The career path for candidates exhibiting exceptional performance may lead to domestic and international relocation opportunities and significant management responsibility.            
ExxonMobil is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, or disability status

Have a wonderful day!!
Nithesh | Recruiter | Email:
Direct:6787837447 | Work: 404 315-1555 Ext.653 | Fax: 678-302-4488
Softpath System LLC | 3985 Steve Reynolds Blvd | Bldg C Norcross GA 30093



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BEST performance of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” – Patrick Stewart

As well as Kate Fleetwood’s performance as Lady Macbeth. OUTSTANDING! One of the best cinematic performances that I have EVER seen. Available on DVD through NetFlix.


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Richard Lattimore’s translations of “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey” – The Great Books, vol. 3, (c) 1990

I have as a goal the reading of all 60 volumes (!) of the 1990 edition of The Great Books. I just finished reading “The Odyssey.” It’s considered the best translation out there, even though, today, there are a few more recent attempts at providing fresh translations of these two seminal, foundational works of Western civilization.

As I was reading “The Iliad,” I was trying to figure out what it was all about. It really made very little sense. Sure, you can think about such things as honor and courage and pride, etc. But I took a step back and thought about it. Would it make sense to raise an army from among neighboring city-states just to go after a wandering wife? Would it make sense to spend TEN YEARS trying to do so? Would it make sense for the Trojans to have allowed Helen of Argos (NOT of Troy! Unless you consider women to be property, which is how they were considered in ancient Greece.). Would it make sense to fight someone and then, in the midst of a full melee, stop to strip off your victims armor and weapons?

Absolutely not. It HAS to be fictional, at least in the details.

So what was really going on in “The Iliad.”

Think about it. It’s all about possessions. Things. Booty. Taking by raiding.

SO why bother with a decade-long attack on Troy? What was it all about?

The main theme of “The Iliad” has nothing to do with all the bullshit that people have talked about in the past: honor, courage, vengeance, pride, etc. Rather, it’s all about…..


That’s the ONLY reason that a group as large and diverse as the Achaians/Argives would bother attacking a city-state for a full decade. Now, it may not have been a sustained engagement, as in “The Iliad.” Even Richard Lattimore believed that it could have been more like a series of viking-type raids. Nevertheless, even in “The Odyssey,” at the end, after Penelope’s suitors have been butchered, he talks about replenishing his livestock, which had been depleted by the suitors’ constant feasts, by raiding other cities.

That entire part of the world lived in a raiding culture mentality.

Curiously, just shortly after this, at about 1177 B.C., that entire part of the world around the eastern Mediterranean, collapsed.

As for “The Odyssey,” I think we get the idea that Odysseus typifies Life for most people. We try and try, only to have the rug pulled out from under us, and even then, we get up and try again.

Do you see why Western civilization has survived all these millennia? These two books are the foundational documents of our culture. Rule #1: Eliminate the competition. Rule #2: NEVER STOP.

Ideas to conquer a planet with.


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Movie “Rampage” (2018) was filming in downtown Chicago today!

I went to work this morning to catch up on things, and left a little before noon to get some coffee at Dunkin Donuts. I step outside the office building doors, and look to my left, and THERE ARE ARMED SOLDIERS WITH M-16s STANDING THERE!

In reality, they were movie extras. The movie “Rampage”, starring Dwayne Johnson and Malen Akerman, was filming today in downtown Chicago. I thought it was some hot-shot politicos driving by, or maybe a parade.

As I was walking down the street, a young lady started walking toward me. (I didn’t know what to think – Secret Service?), and I told her that I was going to Dunkin Donuts to get a coffee, but that I had to get right back to work. She said she would look out for me on my return and get me back in the building.

So, I got my coffee, not knowing what was going on. At the intersection across from my building, one of the individuals doing pedestrian control told me that they were filming the movie “Rampage”.  It’s a movie adaptation of a video game.







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Unbelievable! If distilled water or steam-generated water were really just pure water, it would kill us?!?!?!?

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It’s official! I have finally seen ALL of Shakespeare’s 37 plays!

God bless my NetFlix subscription, it’s actually been good for SOMETHING!

In the accepted canon Shakespeare wrote 10 histories (mostly covering what is known as the War of the Roses),  11 tragedies, and 16 comedies. Many of the comedies are not funny at all, and could even be classified as tragedies or, at the very least, serious situational dramas.

My favorites:

Richard III (1592)

Titus Andronicus (1593)

Midsummer Night’s Dream (1595)

Merchant of Venice (1596)

Othello (1604)

Antony and Cleopatra (1606)

Tempest (1611)

I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed Sir Laurence Olivier’s performances as Richard III, Othello, and Shylock in the Merchant of Venice. His Hamlet was, I feel, seriously lacking, whereas his performance in All’s Well That Ends Well was serviceable.

The BBC, in cooperation with Time-Life Magazine, produced all of the Bard’s plays back in the late 1970s-late 1980s. Trevor Peacock’s performances in Henry VI (Part 2, I think) and Titus Andronicus were stellar. His performance in Twelfth Night was serviceable. Mr. Peacock is in his 90s, but, unfortunately suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

I had always wanted to see all of Shakespeare’s plays before I die. NetFlix has made this possible (as has YouTube and a couple of other Internet websites). This is part of my Bucketlist goals to actually READ all of the Bard’s plays (and all 154 of his sonnets) in The Great Books. Of course, I was exposed to Romeo and Juliet (freshman year high school), Julius Caesar and the Tempest (senior year, AP English, high school), but I find that, as an adult, I appreciate them more.

The Tempest, especially Prospero’s farewell speech to the audience, feels like Shakespeare’s swan song… As though he were saying “Good-bye” to his career as a playwright. There are also a few indications strewn throughout the play that we’re hearing Shakespeare describe himself. Just a feeling I got.

A few plays STANK. Henry VIII (1612) was apparently co-written by Shakespeare. It is BORING AND DRY, like a history lesson that one has to suffer through. A few others made no sense, in fact, The Winter’s Tale (1610) felt as though Shakespeare had started with an Othello-like situation, but didn’t know what to do with it. The second half could be the play all by itself. Macbeth (1605) was… well… RETARDED. I did NOT like Macbeth, not one bit. It was idiotic!

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Ultimate lockpicker’s tool. Might as well leave all of our doors, etc. open.

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