A shocking development in the U.S. Presidential race. Shocking for some people in Germany, that is.

Ted Cruz LOVES Donald Trump! LOL @ those Germans who were pro-Cruz! LOL! Cruz will NEVER be President!



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Obamacare will collapse. Don’t believe me? Maybe you’ll believe

Richard Epstein.


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10 reasons why Hillary Clinton should NEVER be President:

Besides the fact that it appears that she has Parkinson’s,



here is a great list from Listverse as to why Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted to hold the highest office in these United States:

10 Dark Secrets Of Hillary Clinton

Something that the millions of retarded, deluded, insane Hillary supporters should keep in mind this November 8, 2016.


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Microwave Mug Pumpkin Pie – via YouTube

God Bless This Recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Eukaryotic cells

I don’t buy the story of the symbiosis of prokaryotic cells to produce eukaryotic cells in the evolution of Life on earth. It makes no sense.

If one cell merged into another, eventually, the larger cell would burst, since the smaller cell would continue to divide. Also, you would need some sort of genetic similarity/compatibility for the symbiosis to continue.

I suggest that the mitochondrial cell within a eukaryotic cell is rather descended from an RNA strand or virus whose source was the cellular DNA of the “parent”/larger cell. For example, a strand of RNA “budded out” from the nucleus, and, eventually, the DNA of both made it a permanent condition because of the division of labor: mitochondria produce ATP for energy, the nucleus takes care of protein production. I mean, think about it. The mitochondria produces ATP for energy. What could it possibly have needed from another prokaryotic cell?

Lynn Margulis’s idea, although accepted canon in biology, simply strains the imagination.


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“The Philosophy of South Park” explains our current malignant PC-culture.

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Third season of FX’s “The Strain”: Seriously,

ultraviolet light works like a champ on these things. Why is everyone still using bullets, or trying to find some chemical or whatever that will kill them? You can get UV flashlights no problem on the Internet.




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