More evidence that, unfortunately, hard work means NOTHING in the Real World.

Item #3:  High School Popularity Determines Future Income

Why bother struggling then?!?!?!?

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How a manual transmission gearbox works!

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YouTube channel “Good Mythical Morning” has turned out to be a great daily podcast.

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More proof that blaming humans for apparent global warming is NONSENSICAL!

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Another bullshit “reach out and make contact, but no real job” occurrence with SNI Financial – Andy Winchester

So I got a voice mail and an email from dip-nozzle Andy Winchester over at temp agency SNI Financial. I called back and left a voice mail, asking Andy Winchester to get back in touch with me ASAP, even after business hours. The dip-nozzle never did.

In my personal opinion, dip-nozzle Andy Winchester did what brain-dead drones at temp agencies and employment agencies are always doing: calling people up to make contact and get leads, not that there are any jobs currently available. Here’s the email that dip-nozzle Andy Winchester sent me. (How I wish the animal temp agencies would just go away and leave everyone alone!)


Hey John,

I ran across your resume and was impressed with your background. I wanted to see if you may possibly be in the job market? If so, I would love to speak with you and figure out your next career move. If you’re not in the job market, but curious to see what is out there, feel free to give me a call. I look forward to connecting with you soon!


Andy Winchester
Recruiting Manager

Grow your business. Grow your career.

200 W. Adams, Suite 1001
Chicago, IL  60606
Phone 312.263.3900  Fax 312.263.2427    Visit SNI Online    My LinkedIn
Join the SNI Community
Proud winner of the Inavero’s 2014 Best of StaffingTM Client and Talent competitions!

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7 yearsa ago, ABC claimed that New York City would be underwater due to global watming.


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Top Ten Life Hacks – # 9 was eye-opening!!!

MEN can take a pregnancy test to find out if they have testicular cancer! HOLY SMOKES!!! All men should do this once a year!

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