Incredible TED Talk on the first computer – Charles Babbage and Lady Ada Lovelace (Byron)

Charles Babbage was a god-damned GENIUS!!!!


If you want to read a grest sci-fi novel about how the world could have been, check out William Gibson abd Bruce Sterling’s “The Difference Engine.”


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Another nail in the coffin of the global warming idiots: NASA says Antarctic has been COOLING for the last SIX YEARS.

An intensive scientific study of both Earth’s poles has found that from 2009 to 2016 overall temperature has dropped in the southern polar region.

NASA’s Operation IceBridge is an airborne survey of polar ice and has finalised two overlapping research campaigns at both the poles. 

In the last few weeks NASA has revealed the overall amount of ice has increased at the Antarctic and the amount of sea ice has also extended.



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Another bullshit shotgun temp agency email – DIVERSANT LLC

Honest to god, I am oh so tired of the temp agency nonsense. Clearly, there is no god!



Desiree Mehmandoost <>

Hi John,

I have an immediate need for a talented Accounting Specialist-Financial Analyst that brings experience in the Financial Industry. This is a 6 month contract to perm opportunity and is located in Chicago, IL. Please review the below job description and reply with the most current MS Word version of your resume.

Key Responsibilities:
Budgeting and forecasting (on-going):  FY 2016 Cost Allocation for 2 Federal grants available to GCI for a total remaining balance of $20M
-GCI Finance and Accounting Policies and Procedures (in-progress):
-Review the Finance and Accounting functions and apply effective controls where needed
-Prepare formal Policies and Procedures to be approved by the DOI and GCI directors
Federal Grant Application submission (approval pending): prepared required documents to
-apply for “No Cost Extension” for 2 active Federal grants and 1 expired grant (to be reactivated) with total remaining balance of $26M
-apply for “Budget Revision” for the Federal grants
State Single Audit 2014 (approval pending):  prepared the following documents with regard to the required corrective actions to respond to the Federal Grant Office
-Policies and Procedures for multiple Finance and Accounting functions
-Samples documents to demonstrate the implemented process since July 2015
-Additional requested reports
State Single Audit 2015 (in progress): Prepared and collected the required documents for the external auditor (KPMG) including
-Audit questionnaires
-Grant documents
-Sample files and records of accounting transactions
-Additional reports from other agencies
Federal Grant Reporting(on-going):
-Completed the passed-due federal grant reports for multiple periods (1 monthly and 3 semi-annual reports for all 3 Federal grants)
-Continue to prepare 1 monthly and 3 semi-annual reports for all 3 Federal grants
Federal Cash disbursement reporting (monthly):
-Monthly reporting of the cumulative cash disbursements from each grant to report to the Federal grant office and Comptroller office.
Variance Analysis (on-going):
-Tracking and monitoring expenditures against the budget, awarded contracts, and grant obligations for FY 2015 and FY 2016
Accounts Payable (daily as needed):
-processing and tracking invoices,
-acquiring proper approvals,
-preparing and filing required forms with State Treasurer/Comptroller,
-processing the drawdown from Federal Payment Management System,
-resolving vendor-related issues, and
-maintaining the invoice tracking and drawdown tracking spreadsheets and distributing it to DOI team on a weekly basis
-reconciliation of the transactions between different systems (Federal Payment Management System, State Accounting System, and GCI Invoice and Drawdown tracker)
Payroll (semi-monthly):
-verifying the payroll schedule against the grant work plan and budget ,
-verifying the payroll schedule against the timesheets
-preparing and filing the required forms with the State Treasurer/Comptroller,
-processing the drawdown from Federal Payment Management System,
-reconciling  the transactions between different systems (Federal Payment Management System, State Accounting System, and GCI Drawdown tracker)

Desiree Mehmandoost
5555 Glenridge Connector, Suite 825
Atlanta, GA 30342
(470) 233-7525

View all of our open job requirements on our home page under *Job Search*. If you know any IT Professionals who are looking for new job opportunities, please pass along my contact information!

DIVERSANT is the largest African-American owned IT staffing firm in the U.S. providing services to Fortune 500 and midmarket companies. For the past four consecutive years, we have been listed as one of the nation’s fastest-growing firms by Inc. Magazine. Our CEO, Gene Waddy, is a recipient of the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. We offer well-paying contingent, project-based, and permanent work opportunities at many of the nation’s leading firms.

If you would like to unsubscribe from DIVERSANT LLC, please click here.




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Connect Search LLC – Chickenshit turdbag employment agency calls me out of the blue

In the past I’ve had to rely on a number of temp agencies / employment agencies to find contract / temp work. (They always like to dangle the possibility that the temp work might turn into a REAL (?) full-time permanent job. It never does.) My personal experience since the late 1980s is that temp agencies are cocksucking lying scumbags.

Well, I had been trying to reach Robert Half all of last week (I got back from my marathon run in Japan, and I was eager to get back to work ASAP), but the chickenshit recruiters that with whom I had interviewed or spoken with over the phone had curiously not returned ANY of my voicemails or my emails. Today when I called to speak with Andrew Heller, the receptionist IMMEDIATELY sent me to voice mail. She didn’t even have the decency to lie and let his phone ring. I knew that she had sent me right to voice mail, and, you know, it’s probably a voicemail account that they never check. It’s probably where they send people they don’t want to speak with to leave voicemails. You think that doesn’t happen?

So I called right away and asked to speak with another of their recruiters, Brian O’Shea. The receptionist recognized my voice, and asked haltingly if I were on an assignment or looking for work. When I replied that I was looking for work, she said that Brian was unavailable. So then I asked for Andrew Scheussler (I think I misspelled this ass-monkey’s name). He’s always sending me Instant Messages to my cellphone for contract assignments that he never follows up on. (I wonder why that is.) Anyway, I’m told that Andrew is not available, so I get one of their other staffing managers, Kevin Morrissey. When I FINALLY get a live human being on the phone, I learn that my resume hadn’t been updated in their system, even though I had interviewed AGAIN at their office just a couple of months ago! WTF?!?!?!? I got an email from Kevin and replied back with my current resume. Hopefully, Kevin Morrissey is a bit more on the ball than the other ass-monkeys at Robert Half’s downtown Chicago office.


Anyway, back to the topic of this post. I had just finished going to, applying for any financial analyst position I could find, when my cellphone rang. The display showed “Connect Search”. I had worked through these ass-monkeys back in late 2013-early 2014, right before my trip to Tokyo for the marathon there. I wondered why they would be calling ME, since we did not part on the best of terms. (They couldn’t find me anything more than scut work that didn’t match my background, and finally, they stopped finding me work altogether.) Anyway, first things first, the caller must have been a newly hired recruiter there. He didn’t know who I was, or that I had worked for Connect Search in the past!  BAD MOVE, ASS-MONKEY!  Right off the bat, I asked him if he had me on speakerphone, since I could hear the echo of my own replies to him. HINT: WHen you hear your own voice echoing back to you, YOU ARE ON SPEAKERPHONE, even if the ass-monkey temp agency lies otherwise.  Well, he wanted to talk to me about an opportunity that they had, and I said “Okay.” He then asked about the company that I had recently worked at. I asked him point blank how HE knew that information, since I hadn’t spoken with these cockroaches in over a year, and he said that he had pulled my resume off of!   BINGO!  Further proof that a lot of these job ads on the job boards, like CareerBuilder, are all BULLSHIT.

Someone must have walked by to see whether he had “caught a live one”, because the tone of his voice changed drastically. It became more guarded and anxious. Anyway, the bullshit alleged job opportunity was one that I knew I did not have enough experience to handle properly, and I told him so. He thanked me for being honest (too bad I can’t return the courtesy to these lying scumbag temp agencies), and I asked him to send me a contact email. He said he would. (Guess what? HE STILL HASN’T, AND I KNOW HE WON’T! Did I forget to mention “lying scumbag temp agencies”?  LMFAO!)

Further proof that the job market in Shitcago / Chicago is dead, further proof that temp agencies will always be the lying scumbag turd-eaters that they always have been. Hey, Connect Search! Train your new-hire ass-monkey recruiters better! When you’ve put someone on a DNU (Do Not Use) list, make sure they cross-reference any resumes and names they’ve stumbled across on CareerBuilder, Indeed, etc., etc., etc.


Oh, and P.S.:  DROP DEAD.






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John V. Karavitis has been referenced in Wikipedia! Adventure Time and Philosophy!,_Fools


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Single most important factor in ruining your life? ALCOHOL.

In the 2012 update to the study, Triumphs of Experience, study director George Vaillant revealed that alcohol was one of the key factors in participants’ life outcomes. More so than intelligence, more so than political leanings or how rich their parents were, alcohol was the top decider in how subjects’ lives turned out. No matter where they stood on the social spectrum, those who developed drinking problems took mostly the same path: downward. Alcoholism was the main cause of divorce in the study, one of the main triggers for neurosis and depression (importantly, the alcohol abuse tended to come before the mental problems), and tied with smoking as the single biggest contributor to an early grave. Vaillant called it “a disorder of great destructive power.”

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avast anti-virus going crazy – “The online content is unavailable”. WTF???

Stupid avast has been popping up all morning, giving me this bullshit error message. I tried setting avast to “Silent/Gaming mode”, and this hasn’t worked.

I’m guessing their servers are down, but the fact that I can’t shut off this retarded error message short of shutting avast down is fucking nonsensical.

I just checked OFF the “Show notification box if error occurs” box in SETTINGS/Update.  Hopefully this will work.

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