Blast from the past: How STUPID are the dumbshits at MIT?

She “misrepresented” herself on her resume 28 YEARS AGO, and the idiot dumbshits at MIT never bothered to do any fact-checking.

Makes you wonder what the process is to decide who matriculates there. Do they just take admissions applications and throw them up a flight of stairs, and see which ones manage to go up the farthest????



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More spam from online temp agencies: Artech Information Services LLC

The Accounting profession is dead, courtesy of the lazy Human Resources Depts and the slimebag employment agencies. Today I received yet another scumbag form email about a nonexistent job. My response contained everyone’s favorite F-Word. HERE IS THE PIECE OF SHIT EMAIL I RECEIVED:




Hi John

Hope you are doing well !!!

My name is Amit and I’m a recruiter at Artech, a global staffing and IT consulting company. We are constantly on the lookout for professionals to fulfill the staffing needs of our clients, and we currently have a job opening that may interest you. Below is a summary of the position.

Job Title: Pricing & Order Mgt Functional Analyst
Location: Schaumburg,, IL 60196
Duration: 6+ months

Job Description:
• Analyse information from multiple sources to give recommendations on consolidation efforts (types include list price, discount pricing, and other Order Management topics)
• Coordination and execution of clean-up activities
• Prepare data for Global Subject Matter Expert’s to review and approve
• Prepare data for Conversion team to load in the format required
• Manage error reports, and drive correction
• Assist with creation & maintenance of test scripts and scenarios for global team
• Facilitate & Coordinate business inputs to drive price exception functional specs
• Communication Inputs to weekly status report
• Develop a test strategy for testing pricing elements (list price, discount price, price exception) and other Order Management topics
• Coordination and hosting of meetings needed to drive current deliverables (functional specs, scenarios, scripts, etc)

• Good communication and customer interaction skills
• Provide monitoring and tracking on activities
• Background in:
o Oracle E-Business suite (versions 11i & R12), specifically OM and Advanced Pricing modules
o Oracle CPQ Cloud (BigMachines) commerce & workflows
o Oracle EDQ
o Google Apps – Sheets, Docs, Slides
o Advanced Excel
• Good analytical and presentation skills
• Deep knowledge of customer facing pricing (list & discounting)
• User Acceptance Testing experience covering scenarios and script development

Position Requirements:

Experience Level – 5-7Years Develop complex business process models of preload process using structured modeling and flow techniques.·Facilitate collection of data to describe current preload process. Facilitate and participate in process design sessions.·Work closely with manager in setting strategy for process improvement initiatives.·Development of performance metrics (KPIs) to monitor and report on process performance.·Analyze improvement processes, procedures and systems and its potential results.·Identify change management issues and assist in development of initiatives for change.·Develop and manage project plans. Prepare activity and progress reports using standard enterprise project management and reporting tools.·Coordinate project workshops, reviews, communications, etc.·Responsible for generating reports, statistics, timelines and presentations.

If you believe you’re qualified for this position and are currently in the job market or interested in making a change, please give me a call as soon as possible at (973) 998-2511.

You may respond to me via email but please be sure to include your direct phone number so I can reach out to you quickly. In considering candidates for our various positions, time is of the essence and we are committed to responding to our clients promptly.

If you have not worked with Artech in the past and would like to know more about our company and what to expect when applying for a job with us, click on our FAQs or Get Started! page for a step-by-step explanation of our hiring process.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read and respond to this message.

Best Regards,
Amit Pandey
(973) 998-2511

About Artech Information Systems LLC
Artech is an employer-of-choice for over 5,800 consultants across the globe. We recruit top-notch talent for over 65 Fortune and Government clients coast-to-coast across the U.S., India, and China. We are one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. and this may be your opportunity to join us!

Want to read more about Artech?
Click here to visit our website or click on the following links to read what others are saying about us: The Wall Street Journal, Forbes (1) (2), BusinessWire, Entrepreneur, Better Business Bureau, Hoovers, Diversity Careers(1) (2), The Artech Circle, NJTVOnline, The Business Forum Show, and SIA: “Above the Crowd.”

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Note: You are receiving this e-mail because your resume was posted to one of the many Internet job sites and is listed as active or you had submitted your resume to us.

If you are not currently seeking employment, or if you would prefer we contact you at some later date, please follow the link below to unsubscribe or to indicate your date of availability.

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Red Rising and Philosophy – contributor’s bio

I contributed an essay for inclusion in the upcoming Red Rising and Philosophy, which is in the popular culture and philosophy genre.

The Red Rising trilogy is a SF (science fiction) trilogy authored by Pierce Brown.

I have had essays published in over a dozen books in this genre.

Saturday evening, I received a copy of what’s called “first page proofs,” which is basically a first attempt at putting the book together. These are sent to the contributing authors so that they can review their essays/chapters for spelling and grammatical errors. When I looked in the Contributors’ Bios section, I discovered that the bio that I had submitted had been rejected, and replaced with a plain vanilla bio pulled, for the most part, from my LinkedIn account.

I was informed by the book’s editors that the senior editor had rejected my proposed bio, and that they didn’t learn about this until the day before.

I look at my contributor’s bio as my last chance of connecting in a playful, whimsical manner with the readers. For this entry in Open Court’s popular culture and philosophy genre, I wrote a poem. The title of the poem was supposed to have been “Vrjnak,” which is a word in the language of the Stained in the third book of Pierce Brown’s trilogy, “Morning Star.” I believe it translates into “Stained Son.”

Here is the poem that I wrote. It is an original work. I do not consent to having it re-transmitted, published, or used in any way, shape or form, by anybody. I reserve all rights to this original work of poetry.



Through the white and the grey of the cold and the fright;

toward the gold and the blue of the all blinding bright.


To ever stand tall betwixt the Left and what’s Right;

to never down fall afore the Lie and its Might.


Black ire have I spilled in this battle, bloody fight;

red hands have I forged with my mettle, crimson knight.


The Truth crystal clear is revealed before my sight.

I am stained forever by the words I do wright.


John V. Karavitis, CPA, MBA




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Do NOT download software “Hostsman”. You will have to refresh Windows 8.1

I had forgotten that I had specifically abandoned Hostmans last year because of this issue. I wanted to add Hostsman back in order to stop ads from being downloaded in webpages. However, it screwed up my laptop to the point where I had to REFRESH Windows 8.1 and re-install software, passwords, etc.  I think it fucked up my hosts file, but regardless, it made me unable to connect to the Internet.

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Just finished reading all of Plato’s known dialogues – The Great Books, vol. 6, (c) 1990

Something that every educated man should be able to say. I wish I had done this decades ago, but, as they say, better late than never.


John V. Karavitis

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“Knee Defenders” should be ILLEGAL – s/b considered felony modification of an aircraft

I understand that people are pissed off that people have the ability to recline their seats on an airplane. However, these “Knee Defender” pieces of shit s/b illegal and a felony to use.


Defending scarce leg space in flight: A right or grounds to sue?




Per the Huffington Post:


“According to the Associated Press, United and all other major U.S. airlines have banned it. ”


WHO THE FUCK do the assholes who use these things think they are???? Don’t they know that airplane seats are built to recline? That people need to recline on very long flights so that they don’t get blood clots in their legs????

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“Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” – ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

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