Chicago Backpage classifieds section VAPORIZED!

The classifieds section of, which had ads for escorts, has been VAPORIZED. Don’t we have the First Amendment here in America anymore?????

From the Chicago Backpage website:

Media Resources

Press Release: Removes Adult Content Due to Unconstitutional Government Censorship….Vows to Fight First Amendment Battles
January 9, 2017
Washington, D.C. – As the direct result of unconstitutional government censorship, has removed its Adult content section from the highly popular classified website, effective immediately. For years, the legal system protecting freedom of speech prevailed, but new government tactics, including pressuring credit card companies to cease doing business …… Read More
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Category Theory : Mathematics :: Phenomenology : Philosophy – In other words….


I came across Category Theory this last week, and I’ve been tunneling through YouTube videos and various books about this subject. It was brought to the fore by a couple of mathematicians in the 1940s who had been working on topology, who noticed that some basic ideas in topology were the same as those in other branches of mathematics. However, one of these mathematicians had studied mathematics in Poland in the early 1930s, where Polish mathematicians had already been tooling around with this very same idea, that is: a higher-level abstraction of mathematics, a “math of mathematics,” that tied together what was going on throughout the various branches of mathematics.


OF COURSE you can abstract what’s going on in the various and diverse branches of mathematics. At its heart, mathematics is a human endeavor which takes objects and applies set rules for manipulating them and also rules for determining consistency and completeness. (Yes, I remember Gödel’s work and his Incompleteness Theorems. His work did not destroy mathematics. Besides, his work is technically work in METAmathematics. But I digress.)

Anyway, the nonsense that computer programmers are taught re Category Theory (for some reason a funky computer language called Haskell has seen a lot of association and application of Category Theory) is warmed over college-level Basic Algebra.

For those of us with degrees in Mathematics (guilty as charged), Category Theory is no more than Basic Algebra shit about domains, ranges, and functions (although they aren’t “ranges” in Category Theory, they are “co-domains,” and they aren’t “functions,” they are “functors.”) And they allow categories to include sets, but they work with classes, which are “larger” than sets, and not subject to Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems.

I made the reference to phenomenology in the title of this post because phenomenology is the Western philosophy version of navel-gazing. IT’S WORTHLESS.

So is Category Theory.

You have been informed. Good luck.


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Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet – 80th recharge, and STILL going strong!

I had purchased a NextBook tablet from Walmart for $99. It got to the point where the battery would discharge after only a couple of hours. My desire was to buy a replacement from Walmart, but, apparently, they had either discontinued this tablet or simply decided not to stock it anymore.

So I ended up at Best Buy, where I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet, model SM-T350. Like this:

It was $225 when I bought it, it’s now down to $180. As I write this, I am recharging this tablet for the 80th time! Yes, I decided to keep track of how many times I could recharge this tablet before I would be in the same position that I was in with my NextBook tablet.

80 recharges and STILL going strong. I use this tablet mostly as an ereader, with only an occasional checking of email, Facebook, YouTube.

Very happy with this item.

Addendum: It takes about 3 hours to recharge from 5% (which is how low I let the tablet go) to a full 100%. Next time I will provide a more accurate time.

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THE TRUTH about living in Chicago (Shitcago):

This has become an insane, dangerous, soul-destroying place, and I’ve had enough.

True. Oh, so so true.

And WHO has been running Shitcago for the last half century? Hint: Rhymes with DEMOCRATS.

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The University of Chicago (a.k.a. Shitcago) continues with its legacy of LYING to everyone, just to make more MONEY.

I’ve heard that “denial” isn’t just a river in Egypt, but the pathological LIARS at the University of Chicago have been at this nonsense since they came into existence, and they clearly are NEVER going to stop. All for the sake of convincing usunsupecting high school students to go to its shit worthless college.

Chicago (a.k.a. Shitcago) is the current Murder Capital of America (thanks, Rabbi Rahm!), but they want current stupents (a.k.a. “dupes”) to come up with creative lies in order to dupe and ensnare even more high school students to matriculate at their worthless diploma mill toilet college.

A degree from the University of Chicago is WORTHLESS. Enjoy paying $250,000 for a degree that might get you a job cleaning toilets at the local McDonalds.

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Amazon Prime – The Man in the High Castle – Looks like the writers know about “Ong’s Hat”

Item # 8 – Ong’s Hat

“Two chaos scientists named Frank and Althea Dobbs developed a theory that consciousness could be modeled as its own universe, and if one could master one’s own “mind map,” the ability to control the chaos and possibly travel to other dimensions would be achieved.”

Looks like what happened to Trade Minister Tagomi, his aide Kotomichi, and perhaps explains the source of the news reels.


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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – S9E1 – wheel covers vs hub caps

Honestly, I find it mind-boggling that someone with a professed love and knowledge of automobiles does NOT know the difference between wheel covers and hub caps!

Time stamp 0:34, it’s the beginning where idiot Jerry Seinfeld is gushing over the details of the car he will be driving in this episode. THEY ARE WHEEL COVERS, NOT HUB CAPS!!!!!


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