“Yeah, women can never be blamed for anything, can they.”

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How did mitochondria come about? Here’s the bullshit idea:

Bullshit idea of how mitochondria and their “host” cells came to be. More likely that mitochondria were a piece of RNA that developed and became larger, whereas its “connect” with the rest of the cell’s DNA became thinner and thinner, until, finally, it is how it is today.



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The Man in the High Castle – Season 3 – October 5, 2018


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Reshma Patel, of Collins Consulting, Inc.: another worthless lying scumbag employment agency/temp agency which probably just wants to collect resumes

Jesus Christ. Can’t these animals come down with bubonic plague and JUST DIE ALREADY????

Hi John,

My name is Reshma Patel, and I am a recruiter with Collins Consulting, Inc., a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Company and a Preferred Vendor to Fortune 500 clients nationwide. I wanted to reach out as I was interested in discussing with you an exciting Financial Support Level I opportunity I have available with our client in Abbott Park, IL.

I have included the job details below for your review, but would definitely appreciate the opportunity to discuss this role with you in further and tell you a bit more about our client and what they are looking for.

• Responsible for implementing and maintaining the effectiveness of the quality system
• Provide shared service and support to groups within the client
• Establish and provide daily transfer prices to international affiliates, manufacturing sites, distribution centers and US commercials on a per request basis.
• Support the annual transfer price process by completing multiple assigned tasks including supply chain cleanup, entity P&L tie-out, target model & margin process, bill of material analysis, list size pool review and update, AUP reasonableness check, and execution of the transfer price system.
• Process ad-hoc request as needed

• Exercises discretion as to the distribution of transfer prices to preapproved requesters, as this data is extremely sensitive in nature.
• Establish transfer prices timely especially for new product launches where shipment of the product will be compromised without transfer prices.
• Verify the accuracy of transfer prices compared with ASP, Manufacturing Standard Cost, Country Constraints, Similar products with different presentation as those can adversely affect the net income of the commercial affiliates and consequently increase the client’s tax liability to that country where the client affiliate resides.

Skills/Experience Requirements 
Knowledge of regulations and standards affecting IVDs and Biologics.
This position requires the ability to interface with various levels and areas of the organization; especially our international affiliates.
Effective verbal and written communication, Strong PC skills (Primarily MS Access, Excel, Word, Essbase), ability to be a “team player”.
Education Requirements candidate will possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance with 1 to 3 years relevant experience


Reshma Patel
Technical Recruiter
Direct Line: (847) 264-5175
Collins Consulting, Inc.
999 Plaza Drive, Suite 240
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Service Disabled Veteran Business Certified
SBA Small Disadvantaged Business Certified

Collins Consulting, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.  Collins Consulting, Inc. does not discriminate against employees or job applicants on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, handicap, veteran status or any other status or condition protected by applicable state or federal laws except where a bona fide occupational qualification applies.



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Time does not exist. At least not like people think it does.

The block theory of time is flawed because it depends on an unstated assumption: proper time.

Proper time is what we describe as our experience of time in our immediate environment. It’s what we think time is as we go about our daily business. When people talk about the block theory of time, they claim that all time exists, it’s just that you have the past and the future, and the immediate now.

That’s where people are wrong. When they take a “slice” out of the block of time and call it “now”, that slice is like a Polaroid snapshot of the entire universe. And that any slice of time is infinitesimally short/thin, and no different than any other slice of time.

But proper time does not exist. It’s the immediate illusion that we create in our minds to make sense of the world. The reality, according to the general and special theories of relativity, is that every particle, indeed, every speck or “pixel” of spacetime, has its own “clock”. The follicles on your head age faster than the cells that create your toenails. Yet we ignore this fact of relativity and lump everything together, and call it proper time.

Proper time can’t exist. The ancient Greeks argued that time couldn’t exist. The past is over and done with, the future has yet to be. So what is “now”, and how does change occur in the world? Change could NOT occur in a world where proper time existed. The fact that every particle and every pixel of spacetime has its own “clock”, and is racing to be where it’s “supposed” to be, means that change is the true nature of things. Nothing is ever static so that you could carve out a slice out of a block of time. What we call the past is not true of every particle in the universe, and what we call the future has happened for some particles, but not others, in our reality. There is no “now” because, to be so, every particle would have to share the same clock. And that cannot be.

If every particle had the same clock, we’d be frozen in time. NOTHING would happen.

Any slice of time in a block of time is rather like a chocolate bar that has almonds in it. Some almond pieces stick out to the left, some to the right. It’s not a single uniform slice of chocolate bar. And this is because different particles have different clocks.


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NetFlix using unique, GHEY, episode numbering system for TV series episodes:

I noticed this a few months back, but just this morning, as I was trying to see if there were any new episodes of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”, I saw that they numbered the latest episode (with no-talent loser/zombie Zack Galifianakis) as episode “C5E1“.

The “C” stands for “collection.”

So, instead of Season 10, which would make this episode S10E1 (season 10, episode 1), as IMDB still has it, NetFlix has 5 “collections” of episodes, and the Galifianakis one is “C5E1”.

I think the one I saw months ago was something like “V1E1”, where “V” may have stood for something innocuous like “Video”, since it  may have been a made for NetFlix show. If I come across it, I will decipher and post.

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Liberalism is a MENTAL ILLNESS. FACT–>

“If liberals didn’t have double standards, they would have no standards,” Houck said.

So so true.




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