I am dancing and laughing like a fiend! I kept applying for Financial Analyst positions that these assholes had posted on CareerBuilder (which is itself a joke, since the lying scumbags at Robert Half flood that website with their shit ads for nonexistent jobs). They would always bring me in for an interview, and then I would never hear back from them.

Why would they bring me in for an interview? So that the ASSHOLES could practice their interviewing skills.

KS, FB, you nothingburgers! Maybe if you had hired qualified people……

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Obamacare ***DEAD***, as predicted. Thanks for NOTHING, Dummycraps!

No death panels, either! Boo-yaa!!!!

Fucking thing was COLLAPSING left and right. But did the Dummycraps step up to the plate and exhibit LEADERSHIP????????

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The Great Books of the Western World – available as ebooks

All these guys are long dead, so, enjoy.


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The Great Books – vol. 7 – Aristotle – part 1 – FINISHED – Organon, Physics, Metaphysics, etc.

Finally! I finished this volume! All 726 pages. Aristotle’s “Organon” (his books on Logic), his Physical treatises (“Physics”, “Metaphysics”, etc.), along with some other lesser-known works. He hates infinite regresses, is always talking about “movement” as the prime principle, and has the Law of Noncontradiction as his bedrock idea. There are, of course, some contradictions here and there. But, I also saw a few things that reminded me of other philosophers who came later, like Kant, and Alfred North Whitehead.

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Eurosavage stupidity may lead to visa requirements for Americans

Fuck you, Europe.

Probably won’t hit until after May, but it will be interesting to see (a) how we’ll have to get visas, and (b) how badly this will fuck Europe over in terms of tourist income.

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Children are being forced into doing things earlier and earlier – which is STUPID.

Yes, this video clip of two—what, toddlers?—in a WRESTLING MATCH? One of the two looks like a good year plus five or so pounds heavier, no wonder the little kid is running away from the bigger kid, who happens to be A GIRL. But this shows how STUPID parents in America are. Or rather, that there are many people in America who should neither be parents nor part of the American educational system. THESE TWO KIDS ARE TOO YOUNG TO BE IN A WRESTLING MATCH! It’s the equivalent of those beauty pageants for 5-year-olds. STUPID!

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Listentoyoutube and Clipconverter refusing to download mp3 files from YouTube!!!!


This video is not available.

Please let us know if this problem continues.

ClipConverter is not available for videos containing music.

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