“Rick and Morty”, Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, RENEWED FOR 70 MORE EPISODES!

Look forward to my chapter in the upcoming “Rick and Morty and Philosophy”!!!

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Measurement of ‘g’ via air pressure differentials

I took a physics class in Spring 2018 at Northeastern Illinois University, PHYS-330 Intermediate Physics Lab. My class project dealt with measuring ‘g’, the acceleration due to gravity at sea level, using the ideal gas law. Attached is a pdf copy of my paper. My letter grade for this class was “A”.


Measurement of ‘g’ via air pressure differentials – 05-02-18

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Crazy is as crazy does!


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Ordinary Differential Equations ODE – study sources

I’m taking an ODE (ordinary differential equations) class this fall. I’ve come across a number of great YouTube channels that give a good overview, and some even a full course. Here are the YouTube links to the playlists. IF YOU HAVE ANY GOOD BOOKS, TEXTBOOKS, OR STUDY GUIDES TO RECOMMEND, PLEASE COMMENT BELOW! THANKS!

YouTube channel commutant



YouTube channel Michel van Biezen


YouTube channel Khan Academy


YouTube channel MIT OpenCourseware


ANOTHER MIT OpenCourseWare playlist


Also, this guy knows his shit!








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Further PROOF that TRUMP was not only the better choice in the presidential election, but that he will go down in history as one of our GREATEST PRSEIDENTS:



It’s okay to cry, democrats! LOL!

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We will never time travel because time does not exist.

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Job discrimination is alive and well in America. FACT:

WTF? Why do Americans support and respect a piece of shit company like IBM? EVERYTHING that we use in our lives today that is high-tech was created by small start-ups that left IBM in the dust! FUCK IBM!

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