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Listverse rocks! Pretty neat stuff!

I came across this website a while back, I think it rocks.  Here’s a couple of links: Top Ten Rules for Fine Dining Top Ten Worst Diseases!  Yikes!

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Super athletes of the Sierra Madre

Here’s a YouTube vid clip of the Tarahumara Indians (calling them the Raramuri is INCORRECT!).  I found out about them, and ultramarathons, from the book “Born to Run” (see my review on!).

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Chicago in 85 Tours!

One day recently, I came across a short blurb in the Chicago Red-Eye.  I read about this young lady who is taking ALL the tours provided by the Chicago Architectural Foundation.  Her website is  The Chicago Architecture Foundation is … Continue reading

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Music – Wellenfeld

Found a new artist on YouTube, electronica-type music.  Wellenfeld.  Enjoy.

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John V. Karavitis: The Illinois CPA Society (ICPAS)

Mr. John V. Karavitis is an active member of the Illinois CPA Society (ICPAS), an organization created to advance Certified Public Accountants in their professional careers throughout the state. At present, ICPAS claims more than 24,000 members, making it the … Continue reading

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Opera vs Firefox – It’s official.

Opera is now my “default browser”.  Couldn’t stand having Firefox choking on me, freezing up, hogging resources, etc. I’m almost waiting for Internet Explorer 9 to come out, and check it out.  SEE WHAT YOU’VE DONE, FIREFOX?!?!?!   FOR SHAME, … Continue reading

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Ultramarathon Man – documentary

Saw this documentary from NetFlix this evening.  VERY disappointing.  Dean Karnazes, the “Ultramarathon Man”, talks in the beginning re how he’s “concerned” about childhood obesity, and how a third of all American children (that’s 25 million, he claims) are overweight … Continue reading

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Rally for Autism 5K – 2010 – results

Okay, I did okay, it was sorta hot and humid, but cloudy, so it wasn’t as hot as it could have been. Results:  31:54, with an avg. mile pace of 10:16.  What the hell is going on here?  I didn’t … Continue reading

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Running… some thoughts.

Okay, so after an absence of many many years, I started running again this year, and even ran a few 5 K races (got one tomorrow, and my first 10 K in September). Well, I streamed “Spirit of the Marathon” … Continue reading

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Miller Analogies Test – Highest score ever

Does anyone know what the highest ever scaled score on the Miller Analogies Test is?  I got a 506 out of 600.  I called Pearson today, they told me that they don’t track the scores, they just grade the tests … Continue reading

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