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Coming in 2019! Humanity has waited long enough! Advertisements

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Further PROOF that democRATS are mentally ill and just plain RETARDED:

SOCIALISM HAS ***FAILED*** IN ***EVERY*** COUNTRY IN WHICH IT HAS BEEN TRIED! LMFAO! And check out THIS Twitter account! Jesus Fucking Christ! Under President Trump, we’ve had a thousand-fold increase in the quality of life for EVERYONE, INCLUDING … Continue reading

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“Das Inferno – Flammen über Berlin” – in English, “Raging Inferno” – great German firefighting movie!

Rented this flick off of NetFlix. I loved this movie! I was disappointed that it was dubbed in English (I am trying to improve my German). Nevertheless, the story was engaging, the plotline tight, the pacing fast, the acting and characters … Continue reading

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“Yeah, women can never be blamed for anything, can they.”

Timestamp 7:00

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How did mitochondria come about? Here’s the bullshit idea:

Bullshit idea of how mitochondria and their “host” cells came to be. More likely that mitochondria were a piece of RNA that developed and became larger, whereas its “connect” with the rest of the cell’s DNA became thinner and thinner, … Continue reading

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The Man in the High Castle – Season 3 – October 5, 2018


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Reshma Patel, of Collins Consulting, Inc.: another worthless lying scumbag employment agency/temp agency which probably just wants to collect resumes

Jesus Christ. Can’t these animals come down with bubonic plague and JUST DIE ALREADY???? Hi John, My name is Reshma Patel, and I am a recruiter with Collins Consulting, Inc., a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Company and a Preferred Vendor to Fortune 500 clients … Continue reading

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