We need a word between “perception” and “consciousness.”

Maybe some animals have more than just perception about the world, but you can’t really prove that they are conscious. For me, consciousness requires thinking about what you experience in the world. Many animals to whom we attribute consciousness, e.g. ravens that solve problems, dogs, octopodes, and even mice that react when they see that another mouse will be hurt if they behave a certain way, they may very well be intelligent and can solve problems in their environment. But this only means that they perceive the world, that they have a world view, not that they are necessarily conscious.  And as for self-consciousness, that goes a step beyond being conscious.

We need a world between perception and consciousness  to correctly describe the mental state of such animals. Perhaps “world view” or “world aware” would work.  Maybe animals, in putting together a picture of the world beyond just immediate perception of their immediate environment, yet short of true consciousness, have “Weltanschauung“.

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An accurate account of how the job market works in America from Cracked.com:


Of course, not every writer starts out at a content farm or low-paying website. Some graduate with top-quality journalism degrees and a burning passion to be the next Bob Woodward or Carl Bernstein. But unless they’ve got the connections, they won’t likely hit the big time.

Journalism, like so many other industries, is built on contacts. Frequently, those contacts are Mom and Dad. Wealthy parents often parachute their kids into comfy internships, while talented graduates with no connections are left out in the cold.

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Contronyms! Oh noes!



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Hey! I learned a new word this morning: ochlocracy

While watching “The ABCs of Death 2″.


It means “mob rule.”

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The sorites paradox is a strawman argument/flogical fallacy. Proof? THE UNIVERSE IS QUANTIZED.

Energy comes in quanta. Fundamental particles are discrete. Only spacetime is smooth.

Think about THAT!

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Could Oliver the Humanzee have actually been a chimera?

Is it possible that a human and a chimpanzee zygote were fused together to create Oliver?


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The Strain (2014): If the Master allowed certain vampires to keep knowledge of their past selves…..

Then why did Eichorst have to search for the Master? And how could he have kept the memory of his past self without the Master permitting it?

Those who were “turned” were connected to the Master. The Master knew and saw everything that they did. So the Master would have known about Eichorst trying to find him.

Plot hole, perhaps?


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