Watching the latest BLACK MIRROR episode on NetFlix: Bandersnatch!

Hey! I missed being able to click on the first choice (a choice of cereal). I think it chose FOR me! WTF?!?!?!?!?! Isn’t it supposed to WAIT for me to decide?? I guess you get about ten seconds. And I can’t tell how long this thing is, there’s no “time left” noted.

(1) Type of cereal (Sugar puffs)

(2) Music choice on bus (Thompson Twins).

(3) Accept of Refuse the video game CEO’s offer (Accept).

Okay, the video game is a failure, and the episode basically starts over, and flashforwards to the video game company. The senior programmer asks “We met before”? And the protagonist tells them the error they encounter. “How’d you know that”?

(4) You get to Accept or Refuse again. This time he says “No.” Then… “I mean Yes, but.. I need to write it how I know… at home…” This time it works.

Cut away to an obvious therapy session for the protagonist. “Too good to be true.” The protagonist didn’t want to be under the video game company’s “control” (get it?)

(5) Would you like to talk about what happened to your mother”? YES or NO.  NetFlix chose YES for me.

(6) Only one choice when his mom asks him to come with her: “NO.” The train she was on derailed, and his mom died.

(7) He’s at a record store, has to chose which album to buy. “Phaedra” by Tangerine Dream.

(8) Throw tea over computer or Shout at Dad. NetFlix chose tea over computer.

(9) Follow Colin or “Who’s There”? We get to see the episode replay, then, outside the therapist’s office, he sees Colin, and follows him. Again, NetFlix chose the left-hand option for me.

(10) Take LSD with Colin or not. NetFlix chooses YES for me.

LSD trip. Colin tells us that there are multiple realities, that time is a construct, we can make different choices. (Damn! Here’s to legalizing LSD! LOL!)

How our decisions on the path affect the whole. Then Colin says one of them will jump off the balcony.

(11) Who jumps? Stefan or Colin?  STEFAN, of course!

Double decker bus drives by with sign “A New Clean Slate”.

(12) Visit Dr Haynes or Go back? NOW NEtFlix chooses “Go back”!

(13) Who jumps? COLIN. Wife comes in. And Stefan sees the Bandersnatch!

Now back to visiting the Doctor.

(14) Bite nails or Pull earlobe? Bite nails.

(15) Take drugs or throw them away? Flush down toilet.

Back to working on the video game.

Sept 12 – Delivery day.

Video game has glitch. Stefan gets video tape from Colin.

(16) Destroy computer or hit desk? Destroy computer. (Technically, he did BOTH!)

(17) Go back.

(18)  Destroy computer or hit desk? HIT DESK.

(19) Pick up family photo OR Pick up book? Family photo.

Hears Colin’s voice “Mirrors let you move thru time.” Goes thru the bathroom mirror, ends up as kid the day his mom died. Then wakes up from dream.

(20 Throw tea over computer or Hit desk? Throw tea.

(21) NetFlix of computer stick figure. (Who’s watching me?) NETFLIX!  Now Stefan’s computer is telling him he’s being watched on NetFlix.

(22) More action? YES or Fuck Yeah!

(23) Leap through window or Fight therapist.

DIRECTOR SHOUTS “CUT!” Tells “Mike” who plays Stefan that there is no opening the window scene in the script.

(24) Who’s there or exit to credits. END CREDITS!!!!!!!!


Analysis of ending:

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