Randall Auxier allegedly throws a tantrum re my contributing to Twilight Zone and Philosophy. LMFAO!

I have written book reviews on a number of books, including those in the popular culture and philosophy genre. These can be found on Amazon.com. I have also contributed chapters to books in this genre, many published by Open Court Publishing Company. Yesterday, Friday afternoon, June 8, 2018, I received an email message from David Ramsay Steele, the editorial director at Open Court.


Title:  “Please call me, urgent”


Dear John Karavitis,
Can you call me at ***-***-***, please.
(This relates to someone who has an objection to being published in
the same volume as you.  I would like to touch base and clarify a
couple of points.  As far as I know, the volume editors have not yet
been informed of this difficulty.)
Best wishes,
And I thought, “Wow. WTF? What’s going on here?” So I immediately called David. David stated that Randall Auxier, who was also contributing a chapter to the upcoming Twilight Zone and Philosophy, had just discovered that I was a fellow contributor, and that he did not want to have his work and mine published in the same book! It seems as though he was still upset (a.k.a. BUTT-HURT) over a number of book reviews that I had written in the past on some of his chapters in books in the popular culture and philosophy genre. He allegedly considered these book reviews, the last of which was written in May 2013 (FIVE YEARS AGO!), as “personal attacks.”
Here is Randall’s quite lengthy (and in my humble opinion, bloated and pompous) Wikipedia page:
David told me that Randall Auxier wanted those reviews removed from Amazon.com, or he would pull his chapter from Twilight Zone and Philosophy!
I told David that (1) I never made any personal attacks against Randall Auxier, and that (2) at this point, the Amazon reviews were probably not capable of being deleted.
David had apparently read all of my book reviews on Amazon.com, as he began to quote from them.
I re-iterated that I made no personal attacks, that all of my reviews pointed to specific issues that I had with the chapters in question, and thus were backed up by facts. My reviews were indeed factual in nature. I also asked if Randall Auxier were so thin-skinned! Didn’t he have to deal with office politics in academia? Weren’t there people who disagreed with him and his positions? Did he cry every time that happened?
David then claimed that my reviews were “vitriolic,” I believe the word was. He also noted that, in a number of my book reviews, I had pointed out that the books had typographical errors. My immediate reply was that, if a book has so many typos in it, which a number of their books had had in the past, then it was proper to point this out. Typos are a sign of a poor workmanship in any book. David also made a claim that my book reviews had hurt Open Court’s sales, a claim which I vehemently DENY. Really? Seriously? Can you people prove such an allegation?
We went back and forth over these points for a while. I was upset and concerned, and rightly so.
I ended up refusing to delete my reviews, even if I could, over two points:
(1) Freedom of speech;
(2) The fact that a number of philosophers over the last 2,500 years had been killed, or committed suicide over, their work.
I wasn’t about to betray these two values. It would be hypocritical to do so, given that I was writing chapters in philosophy, of all things.
I did offer to reach out to Randall and apologize for upsetting him. (This isn’t going to happen, by the way. I don’t coddle children who throw tantrums.)
I also told David that I would self-publish my chapters, if Open Court decided not to work with me anymore.
David said that this wasn’t the case, that this issue would only arise on those occasions where both I and Randall Auxier would want to contribute to the same volume. (Read between the lines here, people.)
SUMMARY:  Wow. And I mean, fucking WOW. This ass-monkey, Randall Auxier, allegedly refuses to have one of his chapters published in the same book as mine. If Open Court had had any stones (read: “balls”), they would have told ass-monkey Randall Auxier to GO FUCK HIMSELF. If you claim to be some kind of super-star philosopher (take a look at his Wikipedia page! Good grief! How did they forget to add the kitchen sink to his Wikipedia page???), then how can you betray the very  fundamental idea of philosophy? PHILOSOPHY IS A SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH. YOU WILL ALWAYS (did you read this word carefully, Randall Auxier? )—ALWAYS—HAVE PEOPLE WHO DISAGREE WITH YOUR POSITION. If you didn’t, that would mean that the issue at hand had been solved.
Good grief! When good men stand by and do nothing, then Evil wins.
Or in some cases, butt-hurt ass-monkeys.

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12 Responses to Randall Auxier allegedly throws a tantrum re my contributing to Twilight Zone and Philosophy. LMFAO!

  1. Randall Auxier says:

    Can you see yourself at all?

  2. I’ll take that as a no.

    • You can take that in any delusional way you want, Randy.

      Remember: There are two kinds of people in this world: zeros and winners.

      You’re no winner, Randy.

      And thanks for visiting my WordPress blog again! I rock!

  3. The objective evidence would suggest the opposite conclusion, both about delusional and about winners. And, btw, I didn’t want my work along side yours because you are an asshole and a bully, not because of what you said. You said what you said, about me and oh so many others BECAUSE you are an asshole and a bully.

    • “A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” Ayn Rand.

      We can easily see what YOUR “desire” is, Randy, you saucy minx! (Oh, and what do you think posting on my blog is? You’re being published in the same medium as myself! LMFAO @ you!)

  4. You just quoted Ayn Rand. I win. You’re an asshole.

  5. Jealous? Of you? Seriously? Why would I want to live in my parents’ basement and flame people on the internet while claiming to be a financial consultant, which is code for “I can’t really hold a job”? And how am I chickenshit, given that you can’t intimidate and bully me as you do others? If I have a weakness, it’s not ignoring your worthless, ignorant, wannabe crap. But hey, I own that weakness. Carp at me til the cows come home and you’ll still be a pretender in philosophy and I’ll still be the one who does it for a living.

    • LMFAO! Randy, are you practicing a comedy schtick here? Or is your BUTT-HURT getting you all frothy and such? You’re the jittery chickenshit bully here, Randy. As for being able to recognize “worthless, ignorant wannabe crap,” you sure are the expert at that, since that’s all you’ve ever published.

      By the way, how’s that “RandyForCongress” thing working out for you? I see that you add that to your info when you post to this, YOUR FAVORITE WORDPRESS BLOG! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

  6. And what have you actually done lately in your pitiful, meaningless life? Run for any federal offices?

    • You’re a pathetic crybaby loser, Randy. I CLEARLY own your ass, just admit it already! You are my bitch, and you are POWERLESS before the Higher Power that you view me as.

      And you’re really starting to sound like a broken record. I appreciate your desire to sniff after my asshole, but, seriously, you should prance and mince off into the sunset and find something else to obsess over. Like a good little princess. Good luck, loser!

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