Health care is expensive in America because the HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IS RUN BY GREEDY ASSHOLES. FACT—>

I remembered that I am due for my TDAP vaccination in May. Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (a.k.a. Whooping Cough). You’re supposed to get a booster shot every 10 years. Here’s the 411 on this:

(1) COSTCO wants $44.65!!!!! (EDIT: I just got my shot today, Friday, March 9, 2018. Total cost: $ 48.49.)

(2) Walgreens wants $63.99, no need for a doctor’s prescription. just walk in and get it.

(3) CVS Pharmacy has something called a “Minute Clinic.” Cost for this vaccine? $99. (I called them. Not sure if you need a doctor’s prescription.)

(4) My health care provider? Well, I’m currently without health insurance (thanks, Obama!) so I called my doctor’s office to get the price. First off, my doctor is no longer with them. (I’ve seen a LOT of this, where doctors move around a LOT. WTF with that???) Second, they want to automatically charge me a doctor’s visit ($150), and then they would send me a bill in the mail for everything else. I tried for close to an hour on the phone to track someone down who would tell me what the cost would be. The woman in Pricing had a voice mail that was NOT accepting voice mails. I got shuttled over to someone in Billing, who told me that I had to talk to someone in Financial Counseling. This person is in a hospital way out in the northern suburbs! Also, they were not available, please leave a message.


CONCLUSION: See what the deal is? In America, the health care system is dependent on health insurance, so they charge the insurance companies as much as they can get away with, not what it really costs. I could get a TDAP booster vaccination for $49 at Costco, why bother with $64 at Walgreens, or CVS Minute Clinic ($99) or my shit doctor’s office ($150 for the visit alone, then an additional who knows what the fuck they would charge me for the TDAP vaccination!)


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