Obamacare repeal act passes U.S. House. FUCK YOU, DEMOCRATS!

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2 Responses to Obamacare repeal act passes U.S. House. FUCK YOU, DEMOCRATS!

  1. Dr. Boyce says:

    Thank you for warning me that I WILL CONTINUE paying for the poor health of other American citizens. Also, thank you for the reminder of more unwanted children to be abused and misaligned by a society that continues to exploit child abuse for profit. Thank you for higher ER costs as patients without healthcare camp out in the Emergency Room and mentally ill patients roam the streets . Also, thank you for reminding me that as a retiree I will expect higher premiums due to a pre-existing condition (a.k.a. aging) that I can not prevent.
    Thanks to wealthy Caucasian males civility and good manners are being replaced by salary inflation of non-contributors such as insurance salesmen, realtors, advertising, and consultants. NO production, just law revisions to ensure non-productive employment can charge for “airtime.”

    • I approved your post so that everyone could see how much of an idiot you and your ilk on the psycho-Left are. You are another DUMMY who expects the Government to wipe all of our collective asses. Try using some common sense. Conservatives do not create child abuse, and we are still living in a free market economy, which drives prices DOWN. Finally, if you think that living in America without Obamacare is so bad, you’re welcome TO LEAVE. Good luck!

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