Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet – 80th recharge, and STILL going strong!

I had purchased a NextBook tablet from Walmart for $99. It got to the point where the battery would discharge after only a couple of hours. My desire was to buy a replacement from Walmart, but, apparently, they had either discontinued this tablet or simply decided not to stock it anymore.

So I ended up at Best Buy, where I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet, model SM-T350. Like this:

It was $225 when I bought it, it’s now down to $180. As I write this, I am recharging this tablet for the 80th time! Yes, I decided to keep track of how many times I could recharge this tablet before I would be in the same position that I was in with my NextBook tablet.

80 recharges and STILL going strong. I use this tablet mostly as an ereader, with only an occasional checking of email, Facebook, YouTube.

Very happy with this item.

Addendum: It takes about 3 hours to recharge from 5% (which is how low I let the tablet go) to a full 100%. Next time I will provide a more accurate time.


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