“Coffee Safari”: For when I next go to Japan

I came across an article about the coffee culture in Japan. How Japan ranks third in the world in terms of coffee consumption, which is remarkable, seeing as how Japan is the Land of Tea, no?

Well, I go to Japan once a year to run in a marathon. Japan is an extraordinary country! Beautiful, immaculate, well-ordered, polite citizens, superb food.

Well, I came up with the phrase “coffee safari,” which is what I will be doing next time I go there. I will go to as many coffeehouses as I can, trying as many lattes as I can. I will then post pics to my Instagram account!


John V. Karavitis – Coffee Safari Adventurer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


About johnvkaravitis

Senior Financial Analyst: Energy, Insurance, IT consulting, Pharmaceuticals, Publishing, Real Estate
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