I won’t be renewing my SiriusXM satellite radio subscription.

I subscribed to SiriusXM when I bought my current car 5 years ago. I did so because of Howard Stern. However, Howard Stern is a liar and a lazy hypocrite. He told all his fans that one of the benefits to his show moving to satellite radio was NO ADVERTISEMENTS. Yet anyone who has listened to him, his show, especially Robin Quiver’s News Segment at the end, are full of them. He also touted the fact that there would be no censorship. Okay, big deal. How often can one use the F-word before it gets boring? Finally, this LYING ASSHOLE is lucky to create ONE new show every week. It’s mostly re-runs! Finally, and this is NOT a slam against Howard Stern, but there really is very little interesting on SiriusXM radio. Sure, they have dozens of channels, but they haven’t been able to keep my interest.

Howard Stern’s current contract is up in 5 years. He’ll definitely retire then, since he’ll be in his mid-60s (he’s 62 now), and who wants to work past age 60? He’ll dabble in “projects” which will go nowhere since, having retired, his celebrity will quickly vanish. I’m sure he’ll keep busy, tho, with his oil painting and his failure at chess, while his failure-as-a-model trophy wife Beth Ostrosky will be playing with her cats.

It was good while it lasted, Howard, but after Artie Lang left, that was it. You should have retired then.



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