Red Rising and Philosophy – contributor’s bio

I contributed an essay for inclusion in the upcoming Red Rising and Philosophy, which is in the popular culture and philosophy genre.

The Red Rising trilogy is a SF (science fiction) trilogy authored by Pierce Brown.

I have had essays published in over a dozen books in this genre.

Saturday evening, I received a copy of what’s called “first page proofs,” which is basically a first attempt at putting the book together. These are sent to the contributing authors so that they can review their essays/chapters for spelling and grammatical errors. When I looked in the Contributors’ Bios section, I discovered that the bio that I had submitted had been rejected, and replaced with a plain vanilla bio pulled, for the most part, from my LinkedIn account.

I was informed by the book’s editors that the senior editor had rejected my proposed bio, and that they didn’t learn about this until the day before.

I look at my contributor’s bio as my last chance of connecting in a playful, whimsical manner with the readers. For this entry in Open Court’s popular culture and philosophy genre, I wrote a poem. The title of the poem was supposed to have been “Vrjnak,” which is a word in the language of the Stained in the third book of Pierce Brown’s trilogy, “Morning Star.” I believe it translates into “Stained Son.”

Here is the poem that I wrote. It is an original work. I do not consent to having it re-transmitted, published, or used in any way, shape or form, by anybody. I reserve all rights to this original work of poetry.



Through the white and the grey of the cold and the fright;

toward the gold and the blue of the all blinding bright.


To ever stand tall betwixt the Left and what’s Right;

to never down fall afore the Lie and its Might.


Black ire have I spilled in this battle, bloody fight;

red hands have I forged with my mettle, crimson knight.


The Truth crystal clear is revealed before my sight.

I am stained forever by the words I do wright.


John V. Karavitis, CPA, MBA




About johnvkaravitis

Senior Financial Analyst: Energy, Insurance, IT consulting, Pharmaceuticals, Publishing, Real Estate
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