DLink security cameras are clunky unreliable junk, and I regret ever buying them.

I wanted to get a wireless solution for surveillance cameras around my residence. At first, these cameras worked okay, they were a bit clunky to set up, and I had to call Customer Support a few times.  Every once in a while, the cameras would shut down for no reason whatsoever, and occasionally the digital video recorder would go on the fritz.

Yesterday everning, when I tried to use the DLink Lite app on my smartphone to view real-time footage of my residence from work, I found that two of my cameras were not transmitting. I chalked it up to a glitch in a recent upgrade of the app. This morning, I wanted to review surveillance footage, and found that those same two cameras were not transmitting wirelessly. I was on the phone with DLink Customer Support for an hour and a half, and STILL they were unable to resolve the issue. (Both cameras are the same model number.)

We tried manually upgrading the firmware, and just now I removed one of the cameras from my DLinks account and re-installed it. The camera works fine if I have it physically connected to my router via a Cat5 cable, but chokes when I try to access it wirelessly.


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