Defective Mr. Coffee 4-cup coffeemaker – the lip of the carafe chips off very easily – DO NOT BUY!

I bought a white 4-cup Mr. Coffee coffeemaker from Walmart a few weeks ago. I don’t need a 12-cup machine, since I only make coffee for myself, one cup at a time.

The coffeemaker crapped out on me after 10 days, so I brought it back and got a replacement for the same unit.

Also available at

I always rinse out the carafe and let it dry upside-down in my dishrack after every use. Just a few minutes ago, the lip of the carafe cracked when it just bumped against a ceramic cereal bowl.

WTF????? What kind of cheap shit glass is Mr. Coffee using for its carafes nowadays?  Replacement carafes cost MORE than just buying a whole new coffee making unit, which is NOT happening.

Solution:  I pulled the plastic top off of the broken carafe. You need that plastic dome to push on the plunger of the basket to get your coffee to drip down.  This plastic top just barely covers the top of my ceramic coffee mug.

GOD DAMN IT, MR. COFFEE!!!!  Using cheap-ass glass for your fucking carafes!!!!  FUCK YOU!!!!

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