We need a word between “perception” and “consciousness.”

Maybe some animals have more than just perception about the world, but you can’t really prove that they are conscious. For me, consciousness requires thinking about what you experience in the world. Many animals to whom we attribute consciousness, e.g. ravens that solve problems, dogs, octopodes, and even mice that react when they see that another mouse will be hurt if they behave a certain way, they may very well be intelligent and can solve problems in their environment. But this only means that they perceive the world, that they have a world view, not that they are necessarily conscious.  And as for self-consciousness, that goes a step beyond being conscious.

We need a world between perception and consciousness  to correctly describe the mental state of such animals. Perhaps “world view” or “world aware” would work.  Maybe animals, in putting together a picture of the world beyond just immediate perception of their immediate environment, yet short of true consciousness, have “Weltanschauung“.

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