Shitbag staffing agencies and the shitbag companies that use them: Apparently, not a new thing.

Staffing agencies/temp agencies are lying scumbags, just like the companies that prefer to use them for their staffing needs, instead of hiring people. These animals treat their workers like disposable tampons. However, this behavior is neither new, nor limited to America. I came across this weird work of history: The Great Cat Massacre.

Here’s the full text, courtesy of the University of Virginia:


The STN relied on recruiters because it did not have an adequate labor pool in Neuchâtel and the streams of printers on the typographical tours de France sometimes ran dry. The recruiters and employers exchanged letters that reveal a common set of assumptions about eighteenth-century artisans: they were lazy, flighty,, dissolute, and unreliable. They could not be trusted, so the recruiter should not loan them money for travel expenses and the employer could keep their belongings as a kind of security deposit in case they skipped off after collecting their pay. It followed that they could be discarded without compunction, whether or not they had worked diligently, had families to support, or fell sick. The STN ordered them in “assortments” just as it ordered paper and type. It complained that a recruiter in Lyon “sent us a couple in such a bad state that we were obliged to ship them off’9 and lectured him about failing to inspect the goods:


A bookseller in Lyon advised them to fire most of their men during a slack period in their printing in order to flood the labor supply in eastern France and “give us more power over a wild and undisciplinable race, which we cannot control.”” Journeymen and masters may have lived together as members of a happy family at some time somewhere in Europe, but not in the printing houses of eighteenth-century France and Switzerland.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. DO NOT EVER DEAL WITH STAFFING AGENCIES. It would be better to leave America and find someplace else to live.


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