Paradoxically, Internet job boards have created a two-tier job market.

You would think that having jobs posted on the Internet could only benefit people. For employers, you get the widest possible pool of applicants. For job seekers, you get the widest possible pool of opportunities. Except…..

(1) With HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS, of people chasing after the same job opportunity, preference will be given by prospective employers to those applicants (a) currently employed, and (b) working for the “best” companies.

(2) Scumbag staffing agencies/temp agencies/employment agencies flood the job boards with false job ads, solely for the purpose of (a) collecting resumes, and (b) to see who might be leaving a position. A job that might become “open” in the near future represents an opportunity for a scumbag staffing agency to step in and proactively try to fill your job. (“Hello, this is Mr. Dumbfuck of ABShit Staffing Agency. Did you know that your employee, Ms. X, is looking for a new job?”)

Thus, only people lucky enough, or more skilled at the company politics game, or “connected” (as in, people whose parents or relatives can get them in front of a hiring manager) will have more longevity on their resumes, and a better chance of getting their next job. People without these advantages are screwed.

Also, people who have the misfortune of getting whacked by a recession, as 8 MILLION people did in this last “recession,” will be told flat out that they are “unemployable.”

The state should mandate that all new employment opportunities be listed on a state website, to truly have a one-stop place to look for work. In addition, all the bullshit “let’s collect more resumes” job ads that staffing agencies flood Careerbuilder with would vanish.

The Internet has done more to create a two-tier job applicant pool than any discriminatory behavior has in the past.

FYI, whenever you read about the U.S. unemployment rate falling, don;t believe it. People fall off the unemployment rolls when their unemployment benefits run out, or they have just plain given up looking for work.

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Senior Financial Analyst: Energy, Insurance, IT consulting, Pharmaceuticals, Publishing, Real Estate
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