The ultimate idiocy of the idiotic movie “Snowpiercer”

If the rich who own and run the Snowpiercer train don’t need the poor at the tail end of the train, why do they even bother keeping them alive?

Also, who is maintaining the tracks? Even though you have steel wheels on steel tracks, and thus very little friction, eventually, if not the tracks, then the train wheels, have to be replaced.

The ice that had built up on the track that was on the side of the mountain would have collapsed under the weight of the ice. No more track. No more choo-choo!

How large of a train would you need to have water re-treatment, food creation, waste management? How much fuel would that require? Oh, wait, a perpetual motion engine wouldn’t require any fuel, how thoughtless of me! Oh, and, if you did have a perpetual motion engine, WHY BOTHER RUNNING AROUND IN CIRCLES ON A TRAIN TRACK?!?!?!?!?!

This movie is STUPID. (Although I guess you can say that in this case, Hell really DID freeze over! LOL!)

An attempt at a movie allegory on the level of one of Orwell’s novels. It’s so unrealistic that it made me want to puke within the first minute. Only slightly better than an Albert Pyun movie, and his movies were horrifically mindless and worthless.

P.S. The only survivors are a small black boy, a teen-aged Korean girl, and a polar bear. Everyone else dies.


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