2014 – Tokyo – Sakura-michi – restaurant – horse sashimi – Shinjuku district, Tokyo – John V. Karavitis

I knew that horse sashimi (raw horse meat, sliced thin) was available in Japan, and I have always thought it hypocritical and politically correct that horse meat is unavailable in America. So, I was not going to leave Tokyo until I had tried it. I spent my last day running around the Shinjuku district, trying to find this one restaurant that the hotel concierge had said served horse sashimi (basashi sashimi, in Japanese). The reason was my inability to read a map! Regardless, I found the restaurant's location in plenty of time, (a couple of blocks south of the Shinjuku Post Office), only to learn that horse was not available for lunch! I had a DEE-LISH-OUS steak/noodle/rice platter, only 650 Yen (about $6.50). It was DEE-LISH! I then made a reservation to come in for dinner, which is when they serve horse sashimi. Not knowing how to read Japanese, and unable to speak it at length (and the evening waitstaff couldn't speak English - we both laughed as the menu was "explained" to me in Japanese!), I played it safe and ordered the three-item plate - 1,500 Yen, I think, about $15.00. (They had a four-item and five-item plate. Looking back, I should have gone all the way!) Anyway, it's okay, the butter sauce was DEE-LISH, I think, maybe, it had some saffron in it? And the wasabi was REAL wasabi, when I tasted a bit, it was like being punched in the nose from the inside out. It was REAL wasabi, which is rare. The only thing that ruined the experience is that everyone smoke in Japan! And these little boutique restaurants are small, with no real ventilation.

Anyway, here are some pics. Enjoy!

John V. Karavitis


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