HP 2000 laptop – superb value for the price

About a month or so ago my refurbished Toshiba Satellite laptop finally bit the dust (I had it for about 2.5 years).

I managed to come across the HP 2000 laptop at Best Buy, about $350. Good value. It froze up on me the day after I set it up, but managed to find out that turning it on and hitting the ESCAPE key brought me to a menu where I could “refresh” the laptop. It ended up wiping out everything that I had installed, and I had to start over. But it’s been working like a champ ever since, and I am quite happy. Seriously tempted to buy a second one, as the Chinese tablet that I bought from DealExtreme (a Nextway brand tablet) doesn’t have all the bells and whistles and power of a laptop.



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Senior Financial Analyst: Energy, Insurance, IT consulting, Pharmaceuticals, Publishing, Real Estate
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