“They Saved Hitler’s Brain and Put It in Walt Disney”




Play at an off-off-Broadway-type converted storefront just off of Kimball and Fullerton in the north side of Chicago.  Single restroom for each sex, the Men’s room has no latch to close the door.  (Look into fixing that, guys.)  Seats are all metal folding chairs on a flat wooden floor.

Anyway, a must-see comedy – or cominsanity, if you will – played with fervor and freneticism (is that even a real word?) by the cast members.

STORYLINE:  (Stop reading if you don’t want spoilers.)  On May 1, 1945, Hitler’s brain is removed and put in a jar by architect of Germania Albert Speers.  (Historical note:  Speers was captured and sentenced at Nuremburg, he never made it out of Germany.  You could have used Mengele, at least HE was a doctor.)  It is eventually put into Walt Disney’s head, and later finds its way into – DICK CHENEY’S!  Given that Walt Disney is invoked, we see Peter Pan (here, a pre-op tranny), Tinkerbell (who likes to hit the sauce as often as she can – too bad she can’t hold her liquor), “Doofy”, with a “D”, please!; Snow White (a brothel madam who wants to open a 13th-century restaurant that serves roadkill – to be named the “Carrion Inn” – get it?), Dickey Da Mouse, a for-hire hitman – er, mouse, along with guest appearances by Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Sarah Palin (you go girl!), Karl Rove, and, as mentioned, DICK CHENEY!  Liberals must Thank God each and every day for conservatives/Republicans, else whom would they make fun of all day long?  LIBERALS WOULD BE NOTHING WITHOUT CONSERVATIVES TO HATE!  LMFAO!!!  Anyway, Cheney wants to get his hands on a new designer drug – er, “food additive” – that will turn everyone into Republicans!  He enlists the help of none other than RONALD McDONALD!  Turns out that whore Snow White has the drug (or was it character Cindy Reilly, who had been testing it out on herself first?), and Cheney wants her to come to a late night dinner party to get his hands on it.  (I’m sure I just screwed up the plot, but I don’t care!  WOO HOO!)  News personality Nancy Grace makes an appearance, and loses her head over the news.  (Er…. spoiler!)  And watch as Tinkerbell and Peter Pan take one for the team by having to miniaturize themselves to get up into Dick Cheney’s ASS!

The play was frenetic, and the writing could have used a bit more smoothing over.  At times, the transition from one set piece to the next seemed disjointed and disconnected.  I ended up wondering every once in a while if the playwright had succumbed to “Simpsonitis”, that is, changing the storyline every few minutes, with no real connect to the problem that began the current episode.  The set itself was minimal:  one desk, one chair, one sofa. Two acts, and Act Two starts off with an ORGY!  Bodily fluids galore, blood, piss, jizz (or “cum”, if you will).  Be careful if you decide to sit up front, accidents can happen.  ALSO, the fucking guns they were firing were LOUD, and hurt my ears.  I did not appreciate that.

So, Hitler’s brain gets whisked away from Germany, ends up in Walt Disney’s head, the Disney characters (don’t call them that, the Copyright Police will show up – as they did at the very end of the play.  OOOPS!  SPOILER!) are fucking insane, and it all comes down to Dick Cheney’s vision of global domination.  Can HE be stopped?  You’ll have to buy a ticket and see.  Thinking back on this, it was ironic that Tinkerbell began the play with a monologue that included an admonishment to turn off our cellphones and not record the play.  POT CALLING KETTLE, TINKERBELL!  And speaking of Tinkerbell (played by Victoria Szilagyi, her acting stole the show.  Peter Pan (played by Christen Parent) was also excellent.

Limited engagement until December 7.  Tickets $12, small $1.41 surcharge if ordering the ticket off the web.

Go see it, and laugh.

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