Unbelievable. AnkiDroid update nonsense for Android smartphone app, how to import decks

Stupid retards at  AnkiDroid decided to mess with a good thing, and they FORCED me to upgrade my version of AnkiDroid on my smartphone.  I also had to sign up with them, I used my GMAIL email address for that.

The upgrading process didn’t work, I upgraded my laptop version of AnkiDroid, and I made a copy of the AnkiDroid decks on my smartphone and put the copy on my Desktop.  It seems as though I should have let this thing upload my decks onto their servers, change the “,apkg” format, then re-download back to my smartphone.  But the process got hung up, and wouldn’t let me finish upgrading AnkiDroid, so I ended up doing everything the hard way.

Anyway, it’s become freakishly impossible to import decks into my smartphone, but I finally did it.  You need AnkiDroid on your desktop, and hopefully you copied over all your decks onto your desktop before upgrading AnkiDroid on your smartphone.

You will have to import each deck in the old format into AnkiDroid on your desktop.  It will change the format to the new “.apkg” format.  You then export a copy of the new deck to your desktop.  Then you go to your smartphone and go into AnkiDroid.  Go to Settings/More/Import Cards.  It will give you the following message:

“To import cards, place the apkg file in directory /mnt/sdcard/AnkiDroid and press ok.”

Good grief!  You can’t copy the newly-minted deck into your Phone/AnkiDroid folder, you apparently need an SD card!  Whatever.  It worked, though.

On a hunch I tried copying over the original collection of decks (the “collection”) that I exported in the new format onto my Desktop, and smartphone AnkiDroid wouldn’t recognize/open it.  So this has to be done one deck at a time.


(1)  Upgrade version of AnkiDroid on Desktop.

(2)  Copy all decks from smartphone onto Desktop in separate folder.  Just copy the entire AnkiDroid folder from the smartphone onto the Desktop.

(3)  Upgrade version of AnkiDroid on smartphone using Play.Google.Com app.

(4)  Have micro SD card in smartphone.

(5)  Import individual decks from Desktop folder into AnkiDroid on Desktop.

(6)  Export each deck in new .apkg format onto Desktop.

(7) Copy newly-minted deck from Desktop into smartphone AnkiDroid folder on micro SD card.

Did I forget to say GOOD GRIEF!!!!

URGENT EDIT!!!!  I couldn’t manually add more than a single deck of cards manually.  You have to have an AnkiDroid account, and AnkiDroid on your Desktop.  From AnkiDroid on your Desktop, go to Tools/Maintenance/Full Sync.  You will have a choice of uploading from AnkiDroid on your Desktop, or downloading from your AnkiDroid account on the Web.  Once you’ve synced your decks that way, THEN go to your smartphone and click on the rightmost button at the bottom, so that you sync the smartphone with your decks on your Anki account on the Web.  You will again be asked whether you want to sync up from the smartphone or down to your smartphone from the Anki account on the Web.



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