Ankidroid for android phones

The only “deck” that comes with the app is the Tutorial.  You can add “.anki” files, or “decks”, to your android phone by (1) downloading the Ankidroid app (free), and then connecting the smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S II) with the USB cable that came with the phone to your laptop.  Open up the phone’s Ankidroid folder, you will see the Tutorial .anki file, THIS is where you copy in any .anki files you may have.  I downloaded the Windows PC version onto my laptop, you do NOT need an account at the AnkiWeb website.  Download Anki for your laptop from .


I don’t know what happened, but after I copied over an .anki file from my laptop to my smartphone, the app all of a sudden got the capability to search already created decks.  Very strange.  Also, the YouTube channel to check out is unavailable, but here is the first of seven videos that give a good orientation to Anki on your phone.

Again, you do NOT need to sign up for an account at

Have fun!

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