GoPro Hero video camera clackety noise while running: I believe it’s loose components (inside), loose fit between parts, case as acoustic chamber, and flimsy plastic parts on headstrap.

EDIT:  Gluing down the internal speaker, and wrapping a standard office rubber band around the base where the case attaches to the headplate of the headstrap, has reduced the clicking noise down by 80%.  I will post vid clips of future races on my YouTube account, JohnVKaravitis.

I will flesh this post out later on today.  I believe that the issue with the GoPro video camera making that clackety-clackety noise artifact while I run is due to:  loose components (inside), loose fit between parts, case as acoustic chamber, and flimsy plastic parts on headstrap.

I glued, taped and cotton-balled parts inside the camera (most importantly the small black speaker, which isn’t anchored to anything, just rides in a “well” or slot on the side of the camera case), put tape on top of the microphone on the outside (unnecessary, I believe), put tape to hold the extra battery pac tightly to the camera, and put cotton balls between the camera case and the head plate of the headstrap.  The clackety-clackety noise appears to have vanished, but I have to go out on an actual run to prove this.

On the GoPro Hero 1 you can only use an external microphone if you drill a hole in the camera case and solder in an external microphone, or a connector for such.
This nonsense, which GoPro knows about (their Technical support e-mailed me and told me that they know about this clackety noise issue, but can do nothing about it) makes the Contour camera for $129 look good, although I have never run with a Contour.  Also, the Contour only has at most 2.5 hours of battery life.  There is no extended battery pack for the Contour, although a Duracell external USB battery pack “might” work.

Stay tuned for the actual running test of what I’ve done with the GoPro.

EDIT 11-02-12:  MUCH BETTER.  It’s not 100% gone, but the clacking is reduced.  I’m going to have to open up the camera, make sure the speaker hasn’t slipped away from the Loctite glue I added, maybe glue the microphone also and put a little bit of cotton there.  But the sound is more my feet hitting the ground than the clacking, the clacking is reduced but still there as I run.  At this point, it may not be the camera’s internal works, but rather we’re at the point where the internal microphone is picking up the headstrap’s plastic plate squeaking.

SHAME ON YOU, GOPRO, FOR NOT EVEN TRYING TO FIX THIS PROBLEM!  MAYBE that’s why they made the GoPro Hero 2 have an external microphone jack.

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