2012 North Shore Cupid’s Love Dash 5K race Highland Park, IL – MORE INFO RE THE SCREW UP

Looks like the “screw up” happened not only in the 10K race, but also LAST YEAR, the first time this race was held.  I received a reply comment from YouTube user “fellini855” on HIS video of the race.


Here it is:

@JohnVKaravitis Thanks for the comment. I will have to check out your video. After the race this morning, I heard someone say that they had run 3.6 miles in the 5k. I noticed that the 5k runners joined up with 10k runners at 2 different spots, one closer to the finish line that the other. In the 10k, the lead van failed to make the correct turn during the first mile, and was never seen again! Last year there was a major mix-up as well in the 10k when the lead van took us runners the wrong way. ”

Thanks fellini855, for both the courteous reply comment AND confirmation re what happened.

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