Penn State coach Joe Paterno is dead, and people are actually wondering how to “honor” him.

This Penn State sex scandal is just incredible.  Coach Joe Paterno allegedly knew about the sexual assaults that were occurring, yet never “followed through” after he allegedly notified university officials of what he knew.  Well, now that he’s dead, everyone is wondering how to “honor” this “great” man.  You know, because he was a “great” coach and a “great” man, but, you know, the whole Penn State sex scandal thing.

Are people completely retarded???  This goes to show you how college is a BUSINESS, and colleges do not give a damn if their students kill themselves or get raped in the gym shower stalls.   What’s truly sad is how the middle class in America has swallowed all of the idiocy of what college means and what it can do for people.  COLLEGE IS A BUSINESS, AND THE STUDENTS ARE CANNON FODDER FOR THE OVERINFLATED SALARIES OF THE ADMIN, STAFF AND FACULTY.  To quote from the book “ProfScam”:  “H. L. Mencken had a simple plan for reforming American higher education. He suggested that anyone who really wanted to improve the universities should start by burning the buildings and hanging the professors.”


John V. Karavitis

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