Splendex aka Liquid Splenda (sucralose)

I came across a product called Splendex, aka Liquid Splenda.  It’s basically sucralose suspended in water and I think a few preservatives like citric acid and sodium benzoate.  I bought the smallest bottle I could, 1 ounce, for $9.95 (free shipping) from


I tried two drops in my coffee, and wasn’t thrilled with the result.  Taste-wise, nothing beats sugar.  (I can, however, detect a super-sweet taste on my lips after I take a sip of coffee, so maybe it’s just me.)

I have noticed that I have no problem with sucralose in baked goods.  In fact, I’ve always liked baked goods with sucralose, I have found them in vending machines of all places.  So, my next experiment with splendex will be when I try to bake cookies with it.  It’s impossible to find sugar-free cookies.  I did find Joseph’s sugar-free chocolate chip cookies at a “dollar store”, but they are dry (they call them “crisp”) and not that hot.  In addition, Joseph’s sugar-free cookies contain a sugar alcohol known as maltitol, which allegedly increases gastrointestinal gas.



I’ll blog when I’ll have made my experiment with the cookies.


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