WOW! Check out this e-mail that I got from the Illinois CPA Society!

November 14, 2011

Dear John:

Your membership will officially lapse on December 14, 2011 unless we receive your dues payment. In accordance with our bylaws, the Society is required to present all names of members who have not paid their dues to the Illinois CPA Society Board of Directors for formal review and action.

If you have missed previous opportunities to renew your membership and still wish to do so, please call the Member Services Center at 800.993.0407, option 4 or renew online immediately to ensure the continuation of your membership. Your past due membership amount is $380.00.


We understand that the economy has had a huge financial impact on many of our members and if you are currently unemployed, we would like to help you with this transition by offering you a special dues rate of $100. Now, it is more important than ever that you stay connected. Posting your resume on our Career Center, receiving member discounts on continuing education programs, and networking at local Chapter events are just a few opportunities available to you as a member. To take advantage of the unemployed member dues rate, you must contact the Member Services Center by phone at 800.993.0407, option 4.

I hope you will choose to continue your Illinois CPA Society membership.


Elaine Weiss

President and CEO

Illinois CPA Society

This email was sent to you by:
Illinois CPA Society
550 West Jackson Blvd. Suite 900, Chicago, IL 60661 US

WOW! My membership dues have lapsed, and my name will be “presented” to the “Illinois CPA Society Board of Directors for formal review and action”.

LOL!!!!!!! LULZ!!!!!!!

The fact that the current JOBS DEPRESSION has decimated job opportunities for people in Accounting and Finance, especially in the State of Illinois, is acknowledged, yet the Illinois CPA Society can’t do a damn thing about it. (If someone in our profession is hurting due to being unemployed, could the Illinois CPA Society not do better than just lowering the cost of membership to $100?????) They are very prompt, however, when making sure you are reminded to pay your dues.

The State of Illinois conferred my CPA license, not the Illinois CPA Society. And the “resources” that they claim to have for members (posting one’s resume on their website, being notified of breakfast “meet and greets” at local Panera Restaurants – i.e., the “local chapter networking events” – etc.), are USELESS. COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY USELESS.

Renew my membership??? PASS.

About johnvkaravitis

Senior Financial Analyst: Energy, Insurance, IT consulting, Pharmaceuticals, Publishing, Real Estate
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