HP 722C DeskJet printer – Windows 7 driver – making it work

Okay, so I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite laptop running 64-bit Windows 7.  Unfortunately, my HP 722C DeskJet printer has a 25-pin parallel cable, and there are no drivers for this printer in Windows 7 64-bit.  (Good going, HP ass-clowns!!!)

Here’s the fix, pay close attention:

(1)  Get a USB-to-parallel converter.  I bought Manhattan’s cable adapter from MicroCenter, it cost $24.99.  You will not need the mini-CD that comes with it.

(2)  Connect the printer’s parallel cable to the cable adapter, then insert the USB side of the cable to the laptop.

(3)  Power everything up.

(4)  Download the patch noted in this link




and make sure you only use the .dll for the HP 720 series copy in all 3 .dll files, I think you’ll only really need the one for the 720 series, you can always experiment by taking out the .dll for the 820 series, etc.  Put the .dll files in the folder noted, that is


which you can get by going to the COMMAND PROMPT from the START button.

(5) Re-boot.

Now, I’m having problems with this, it works half the time, and it doesn’t work the other half.  The printing comes out schmeered in sections of the page, so it looks like I might only be able to use this to print out simple text files.  But, if this fix works for you, then good.

Good luck!

UPDATE:  I’ve said my “Good-byes” to the HP 722C, it served me well.

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