Entourage Edge netbook/e-reader apparently no more.

I went to the Entourage Edge website yesterday to check out their product line.  The only thing they had was the Entourage Edge PocketEdge, the smaller version of their well-crafted Android-based combo netbook & e-reader.  In my opinion, the e-reader is THE BEST on the market, and combines a large 10″ diagonal screen, ability to read WORD, pdfs and epubs with ease, along with about EIGHT HOURS of reading time (as long as the netbook screen is powered down and the Wi-Fi is turned COMPLETELY off).

It looks like they are working on a “slate” product, which is now all the rage in the planned obsolescence mentality of the computer world.  Slates are simpler versions of tablets, and both are meant to be more media devices than real computers, although they can be used as real computers.

I knew the day would come when I would move along to a newer, hopefully better e-reader device.  Seriously, I find that my HP desktop is all I need for “real” computer needs.  Other than that, I want a good quality e-reader.  A Sony e-reader that I bought back in 2009 died EXACTLY one day after the 30-day warranty ran out.

The only thing that concerns me about my Entourage Edge is that, eventually, the battery will not carry a charge, and, since the product has been discontinued, there will probably be no replacement.  Okay, I can live with that.  But the slates, etc., that exist now only have a battery life of a couple of hours, since you can’t use them in just an e-reader mode.  They are basically netbooks, with LCD screens on all the time, and thus they have limits on battery life.  Sure, the Motorola Xoom and the iPad 2 can last 8 to 10 hours, but not as just e-readers.  And other companies, most notably Plastic Logic, never came out with their e-reader.  The more and more I think about Plastic Logic, the more it seems as though their e-reader was mere vaporware that was supposed to be “proof of concept” for their display technology.

I have seen a prototype e-reader on Youtube, it’s called the Skiff e-reader.  It seems PERFECT, albeit only in black & white.  But, again, it seems to me to be more of a “proof of concept” than a real product that will ever come to market.

If I had to choose today, I would probably go with Pandigital, for the simple reasons that (1) all I want is an e-reader that can handle pdf files, and (2) these things only cost about $150, whereas the Xoom and the iPad2 cost several hundreds of dollars.

Will someone PLEASE create an e-reader that works great as an E-READER, that will have a long battery life?!?!?!?




EDIT:  [June 7, 2011]  My replacement e-reader would be the Pocketbook 902, available through Amazon.com.  Here’s are some links:




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