EU member nation’s efforts toward Google will affect America soon.

Spain is taking the first step toward helping to clean out Google.  Here’s a great article off of the DrudgeReport.

The title of the article is:  ” Internet ‘Right to be Forgotten’ debate hits Spain”

What we’ve seen many times in the past is that actions and positions that the European Union has taken eventually come to be followed in the United States.   Google will be affected by this when it realizes that it can’t afford to be sanctioned by 450 million consumers of its products and services.

From the article:     “… the ongoing fight in Spain is likely to gain more prominence because the European Commission this year is expected to craft controversial legislation to give people more power to delete personal information they previously posted online.”

It is a fact that the EU has always taken a more proactive, pro-privacy stance for its citizens than the United States, and that the actions of the EU inevitably come to be incorporated into the law and business practices of the U.S.

Enjoy the article!


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