Protecting one’s reputation on the Internet.

I’m thinking of starting a business that helps people protect and defend their on-line reputation.  Specifically, to help protect people from being “Google bombed” by the mentally ill.  It seems as though Google’s idiotic position that it can’t do anything about what’s posted about someone on the Internet merely enables the mentally ill from repeatedly and continually spamming one’s name and home address, along with posting derogatory and obscene language and pictures, at will.  Google won’t do anything about it, and the law defends the website owner from civil suit.  And paying for a legal defense, and trying to determine who is doing the actual posting, is so expensive as to be unthinkable.

Reputation Defender is one such company, I believe that there may be others out there, I’m sure of it.  But the amount of money they charge is somewhat unreasonable, along with the fact that defending even Page One of Google’s search results (let alone search results from Bing, Yahoo, Dogpile, etc.) is not possible.  Somehow, offensive and derogatory content continues to be prominently displayed on Google’s search results, regardless of the efforts one makes to defend one’s reputation.

I’m going to be researching this in great detail over the next few weeks.  If you’d like to suggest any ideas, or point me in the direction of material (books, etc.) that tries to determine just how the Google search algorithm works, that would be greatly appreciated.  I’m thinking that material on SEO (search engine optimization) is one area that would yield some good information.




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