Gymboss interval timer – run walk timer – I LOVE IT!

I’ve been using the Gymboss interval timer (aka run/walk/run timer, run walk timer) timer that I blogged about a while back.  Cost $20 off

I just LOVE IT!  I currently have it set to count 30 seconds (walk) then 30 seconds (run).  (I will be increasing the “run” by another 5 seconds starting Monday.)  Alternating walking with one’s running spares the quadriceps from excessive “stretch-shortening” cycles, which thereby reduces fatigue.

Jeff Galloway once pondered what amount of walking could be incorporated into a marathon and still allow for an elite-level performance.  And, if you think about it, this is a lot how a lot of recreational joggers/weekend racers run their races.

Well, I’m not contemplating a marathon anytime soon, but I am focused on reducing my 10K time.  I created a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (that I can’t seem to attach to this post!  Check out the copy in pdf format, it’s easy to re-create) that I use with my Gymboss interval timer.  When I’ve finished my run, I ENTER:  the total distance in miles, total number of walk/run cycles covered with my Gymboss interval timer, number of seconds for each cycle (walk versus run), and see what my average running pace was for the running that I did in that specific workout, and thus the predicted 10K time if I were able to keep that running pace constant for the entire race.


Running pace

Did I forget to mention that I love my Gymboss interval timer!

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