Simple but elegant mp3 file to help you run.

I get tired toward the end of my long runs, and I want to start throwing short bursts of running, so I’m not just walking throughout the tail end of my long runs.  What I want to do is have a short run followed by a recovery walk, and repeat this for 5, 10, 15, even 20 minutes.  I tried to find a sportswatch, stopwatch or metronome that would do this, but, surprisingly, no one has ever created such a device. Well, I got a copy of Audacity (free off the web) and created a 5 second tone followed by 30 seconds of silence.  Then I copied this so that I have an mp3 file that’s a little over 18 minutes long.  I uploaded this to my Creative Zen, and tried it out today. It works just like I want it too.  If anything, 5 secs is too short a block of run time.  But what I plan on doing is increasing the length of the tone periodically, keeping the 30 second recovery walk.  When I get to a minute running with 30 seconds recovery, I’ll start shortening the recovery period. I can’t upload it here, I would need to buy a “space upgrade” from WordPress.  NO THANKS.  I’ll see if I can upload it to YouTube or someplace else.

COOL RUNNING!  John V. Karavitis, John Karavitis, Karavitis, KC9ISD

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