John V. Karavitis: The Illinois CPA Society (ICPAS)

Mr. John V. Karavitis is an active member of the Illinois CPA Society (ICPAS), an organization created to advance Certified Public Accountants in their professional careers throughout the state. At present, ICPAS claims more than 24,000 members, making it the fifth largest society of CPAs in the country. Founded in 1903, the organization serves CPAs in public accounting, finance, government organizations, consulting, corporate accounting, and nonprofit organizations, as well as educators, students, and other finance professionals. Through the Illinois CPA Foundation, the society is able to fund a number of annual conferences in addition to courses, webcasts, and other special events that encourage the academic and professional growth of its members. Each month, ICPAS sponsors dozens of these events in cities around the state. A key element of the Illinois CPA Society is its Information & Research Center, which houses a comprehensive library. The center is open to ICPAS members interested in conducting research on financial topics, whether they simply need an overview of current policy or wish to delve deep into a specific topic. Members are encouraged to consult with the ICPAS Research Specialist, who has been extensively trained to help members with their research endeavors. The Specialist is also available to seek out specific information and send results to ICPAS members. The society also operates the ICPAS Career Center, an online resource for both members and potential employers. The Career Center features resources for finding new jobs, such as career event listings, as well as forums for job seekers to post resumes and for employers to post job openings.

About johnvkaravitis

Senior Financial Analyst: Energy, Insurance, IT consulting, Pharmaceuticals, Publishing, Real Estate
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