Ultramarathon Man – documentary

Saw this documentary from NetFlix this evening.  VERY disappointing.  Dean Karnazes, the “Ultramarathon Man”, talks in the beginning re how he’s “concerned” about childhood obesity, and how a third of all American children (that’s 25 million, he claims) are overweight or obese.  OH NOES!  THE HORROR!  Well, we hear nothing about this “cause” until the very very end, I think, where we get a blurb about a few thousand shekels getting donated to his stupid foundation to SAVE THE CHILDREN!  OH NOES!

This documentary sucked, and it made Dean Karnazes (did I mention that he’s the ULTRAMARATHON MAN???) look like the World’s Biggest AttentionWhore.

One gets the impression that he runs all day long, but, according to WikiPedia, he has his own business, he’s a motivational speaker, etc. etc. etc.

What a life, eh?   John V. Karavitis

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