Miller Analogies Test – Highest score ever

Does anyone know what the highest ever scaled score on the Miller Analogies Test is?  I got a 506 out of 600.  I called Pearson today, they told me that they don’t track the scores, they just grade the tests and mail out the scores.

Anyone out there have a score greater than 506?  Can you provide proof??

John V. Karavitis


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5 Responses to Miller Analogies Test – Highest score ever

  1. Bart Billingsley says:

    Ok, I found some data collected by Don Meagher.

    The report on page 40 of

    shows that at least one person scored a 563.

    If anyone can beat that, they need a plaque and a ticker-tape parade.

    Just a note, though. If you score that high, you’ll likely get challenged if it’s 50 points higher than what you scored last time. Apparently they are confident that it’s not likely to happen.

  2. Ina Bendis says:

    John, it’s Ina your Triple Nine Society M.O.! I was looking at applications in our system that hadn’t been followed up on with a copy of the score report, and found one claiming to have an MAT score of 105 on the new scoring system, but I’d though the highest was 100. So, I googled “miller analogies highest possible score” and found your blog with your 506. So I said to myself, hmmm, I will write in his blog and tell him to consider joining TNS. But then I said (again to myself, though perhaps a bit to my computer), hmmmm, maybe he’s already a member? So I looked in the database and there you were! And renewed all the way up to Vidya 398! WTG…. 🙂

    • Hello. You’re thinking the old system, I think, Last time I checked, the scores are normally distributed with mean of 400, standard deviation of 25, and max of 600. The test has 100 questions which are graded, and then 20 more that are “experimental”, but they don’t tell you which is which. The Miller Analogies Test is interesting. FYI, other standardized tests used to have an analogies section, but they have been removed. The LSAT a long long time ago, and just recently, the GRE. In Douglas Hofstadter’s book “Surfaces and Essences”, ability with analogies is taken as the core of human intelligence. I am quite proud of my MAT score.

      More info at the top of this post:

      Thank you for reaching out. One of these days I shall have to attend an annual meeting.

      With regards to membership, TNS needs younger members. It may be a good idea to start “recruiting” on college campuses, or maybe even offering to subsidize sittings of standardized tests whose scores TNS will accept.

      Take care.

  3. This is a fairly old post, but I was curious about MAT scores so happened upon it. I took the MAT many years ago, under the old scoring system, and got a 97. I found this conversion chart ( which says that’s equivalent to a scaled score of 528. The highest scaled score on that chart is “>537” for a raw score of 99.

    I loved the challenge of taking the MAT and was annoyed at myself for missing 3 questions!! 🙂


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