Creative Zen X-Fi2 – disappointments / solutions

It doesn’t seem to play FLAC or WAV music files, only MP3 files.

As for video, only .avi files, and it’s better to have then converted into “.avi Creative Zen” format.

I’ve given up on Creative Centrale, just use Windows Explorer to transfer files.

Free software to use for conversion:

WinFX Free Video Converter – superb, and, of course, FREE.  Only problem is that I think it plays the movie as it converts, and thus takes as long as the movie is long.  Plus, it shows the black MS-DOS screen as it works.  An option that it gives you is to convert a file into “Creative Zen” portable format, full screen or widescreen, so, all I have to say to that is THANK GOD!

FreeRIP Basic – Audio File Converter

Another thing:  when I detach the player from the mini-USB connector to my PC, it always “rebuilds”.  This concerns me greatly.   My original Creative Zen mp3 player only did this when I pushed the “Reset” hole with a paperclip.

Best of luck to everyone!

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