Creative Centrale – for the Creative Zen X-Fi2 mp3 player

Okay, let’s just start out by saying that I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in Creative.  I’ve owned a prior Creative external sound card, have a replacement Creative external sound card, and fell in love with their Creative Zen mp3 player.  It was small, fit in the palm of my hand for jogging, played mp3s and avi video files.  It was limited in the types of files it could play, but after you got all the software loaded up, you could literally click and drag right into the player, and it would even convert some video formats for you.

Well, nothing lasts forever.  I think something got loose inside the player, and one day it stopped working.  So, I trashed it, and seriously considered buying the successor mp3 player, the Creative Zen MX.  Just like the original, but reviews of it made me a little wary of it.  The cost was just right, too, $79.99 for a 16GB player.

But I went for the Creative Zen X-Fi2 player.  (I passed on the X-Fi, even though it seems to have LAN/WiFi capabilities.)

Well, the software you’re supposed to use, the “Creative Centrale”, sucks ass.  It’s one of the most counter-intuitive pieces of shit I’ve ever dealt with, you’d think the broom-up-their-asses programmers at Germany’s SAP general ledger software co. wrote this buggy piece of shit.

One major problem, besides the lack of counter-intuitive interface:  If your external hard drive folder has tens of thousands of mp3s, etc., this thing will CHOKE — HARD!   Here’s the solution:

First things first, make sure you have updated the firmware for the player and the software for Creative Centrale.  Creative requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or better to access their website and have it check your system for the latest and greatest versions of this software.  Do what you gotta do, make sure your software is up to date.   Re-boot after this is all done, as it will ask you to do.

Okay.  Now create a separate folder on your external hard drive, call it G:/Transfer.  In this folder you will copy into it those mp3, picture  and video files you will want to copy into your Zen X-Fi2 player.

In Creative Centrale, go to the top, click on the “Gear/Cog”, which is the “Go to Settings” dialog box.   Here, you go to “Library/Watch Folders”, and then add-in G:/Transfer as an option for it to look for mp3s, pics, and videos.  Then, make sure you go to “Import Options”, and, for mp3s, pics and videos, you make the default ripper folder be the same folder for all 3, G:/Transfer.

See, Creative Centrale, unlike the previous transferring software that came with the original Creative Zen mp3 player, which was FUCKING PERFECT, chokes on folders that have too many files.  It just plain chokes.

Now that you’ve copied into G:/Transfer what you want to move into your mp3 player, up at the top, left-hand side of Creative Centrale, you’ll see “Album”.  Click this open, highlight what you want to copy over into the player, and then go to the very top of Creative Centrale and click “Transfer — Zen X-Fi2”.  And let it do its thing.  It takes a while.  Do not try to load in too many files at once.

Warning:  These idiots made separate tabs for mp3s, pics and videos in Creative Centrale.  STU-PID!!!!!  STU-PID!!!  COUNTER-INTUITIVE!  Your transfer software worked JUST FINE for the original Creative Zen mp3 player, WHY DID YOU SCREW IT ALL UP?????????????  You have to visit each tab just to deal with mp3s vs pics vs videos.  STU-PID!!!!!

As for Buyer’s Remorse, you’re out of luck.  No phone number for Customer Service on Creative’s website, just an e-mail address.  And from the complaints I’ve read on it, and elsewhere, you are S – O – L.

I hope this helps.  Cheers.

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9 Responses to Creative Centrale – for the Creative Zen X-Fi2 mp3 player

  1. Tom says:

    True True, biggest shit program ever! I just got my X-FI 2…the player is not bad, but the software omg…! Who is the idiot that developed that shity programm?!? A noob?omg, I’m dissapointed like hell, I will never buy a Creative Product anymore

  2. Jon says:

    You are right about the Creative Centrale.
    It sucks.
    I recently had to change my laptop and I thought that I’d had no problems with my little Zen player. I need it as I’m studying music and I need to carry a lot of music with me.
    I was wrong. I had to download Centrale and suffer it. It takes around 5 minutes to know how to transfer a file to the MP3 when before it took me less than 5 seconds.

    If they don’t correct the program they’ll lost a customer.


  3. Momi says:

    Creative Centrale = shit!

  4. Alsaker says:

    Creative Central is indeed the biggest mistake in “Creative” History. Let me just ask you one thing. I have not used the Creative central since it simply just wont work on my computer, so I have just dragged all the music into the music folder. It worked fine, but the music will only appear in ” All tracks, ” and not on Albums and Artist. It PISSES ME OFF. With an MP3 player with 2000 songs, it kinda sucks to not have the Album/artist capability avaiable. Is this problem related to the god damn Central program? cuz then I can just forget all about Creative products till they remove this new named “Sauron of isengard. “

    • Hi.

      Sorry to hear that you too are having problems with Creative Centrale on the Xi-Fi2.

      What you have to do is open up each mp3 file in either iTunes or some other (free) software program that allows you to change the ID3 tags, so that you can specify the track #, the Artist, the Album, etc. It’s easiest to do in iTunes, drag the music folder into iTunes, and then, for each individual mp3 file, right-click the song and go to “Get Info” (it’s right underneath the option to “Play”). Then, add in or re-write all the fields.

      Sorry, but “Creative Centrale” is pretty much useless.

      As for adding video clips, I find that I have to convert to an mp4 file, and then convert to an avi file, even if I’m starting with an avi file. I use “Any Video Converter” (free) to convert to an mp4 file, and then WinFXVideoConverter (also free) to convert to an avi file of type Creative Zen, with device preset of “Zen Fullscreen”.

      Hopefully Creative will fix these issues by the time I have to replace my X-Fi2. If not, well, there’s always other manufacturers……

      Good luck!

      • prasanth says:

        i am using zen x fi 2 for past 6 months.. it was all okay until the software creative centrale showed a problem.. its not showing the wathc folders (library).. instead its showing only the options zenxfi2 (when connected) and DVD RAM drive H… i tried my best…please help

  5. rebride says:

    I don’t have all the problems you all have. I do a lot of flac files from ripped cds plus downloads of mp3 from emusic and amazon. Centrale pulls in those via watched folders. Transfer can be slow, but than again compared to the days of making tapes (reel to reel or cassette) it is like lightening.
    I resize jpegs only to save space. HD videos from samsung camcorder usually no problem.
    The x-fi2 player has a bit of clumsy interface but i love the sound and the tweaking abilities.

  6. liam says:

    zen+win seven the CC software is rubbish,thank
    you for your help re transfering music .


  7. OMG! You’re a genius!!!! Creative website all those things doesn’t help AT ALL!!!!~ They made it so confusing!!!!~

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