Wadsworth Notes Series / Wadsworth Philosophers Series

John V. Karavitis

I recently discovered this little gem of a series.  I was reading all about Nietzsche, and I came across the slim, 88-page entry in the Wadsworth Philosophers Series.  One of the best books on any philosopher that I have ever read.  ISBN # 0-534-57606-0.  I’ve read the entries for Quine and Ayn Rand, now I’m working on Wittgenstein, next will be Godel and Kripke, then Hume and Kant. 

There’s not enough time to read all the “Great Books”, but others have done so, as their own narrow specialty.  It doesn’t make sense to avoid learning about these philosophers and their ideas, there work enriches our understanding of the world.

Apparently, the Wadsworth Notes Series will have about 100 books in total.  It appears as though they are only producing these in paperback now, if they ever offer these in electronic version, they should be a part of EVERYONE’S e-book collection.  These great ideas will never die.

John Karavitis

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