June 1, 2010 – Reuters – “More Employers Expect to Pay Higher Salaries”


Well, looks like the U.S. economy “might” be showing signs of a recovery.  And, since the dumbshit employers in America can’t think past the next quarterly financial statement, they all shot themselves in the head, YET AGAIN, by trimming their workforce down too much.  Now, when they start hiring again, they will have “some” leverage, given that so many people were put out of work, along with all those inexperienced college grads of the last three years….  But you can all kiss employee-loyalty “hasta la vista, baby!”.  Watch for experienced people to be perpetually looking for a new job, not just once a year, like they used to.  Damn straight employers are going to have to start paying top dollar for talent.  They wouldn’t have had to, had they been more prudent in planning for the future.  Same thing happened after the recession of 1990-1991.  John V. Karavitis.

On the CPA front, given that 75% of all CPAs in America are expected to retire within the next decade, yours truly (take a bow) will have reasonably decent job prospects until retirement… which might actually be never.  John V. Karavitis.

What country does John V. Karavitis live in?  I thought it was America.  Quite frankly, it’s been looking more and more like Topsy-Turvy World.


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Senior Financial Analyst: Energy, Insurance, IT consulting, Pharmaceuticals, Publishing, Real Estate
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